WWE Raw: The Battleground Go-Home
July 14, 2015 4:00 AM - Season 23, Episode 46 - Subscribe

ContractSigningMania runs wild as Brrrock Lllesnarrr and Seth Rollins make their WWE Championship match offi-- Oh, who cares? NXT WOMEN INVADE.

Paige stares down a 3-on-1 from the Bellas and Alicia Fox, only to receive an unexpected round of support from Stephanie McMahon, who brings Becky Lynch and Charlotte out to even things up. Naomi and Tamina come in as well, along with NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks bossing up the joint.

And don't think we didn't notice the little extra flavor they put on "NXT Women's Champion", either. Is the butterfly belt and/or the "Divas" designation on the way out?
We asked, hopeful.

Oh, other stuff for Battleground this Sunday on the WWE Network first month free for new subscribers come on give it a try it won't hurt? Um... Ryback vs. Big Show vs. Miz for the I-C title, I guess. Prime Time Players vs. New Day for the Tag Team title, which could be fun. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt because they all need something to do. Cena-Owens III, which might not be a four-star disappointment.

There is currently no women's match scheduled for Battleground.
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Cannot un-see.
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The Truth v Barrett match needs to get bumped from the preshow in a hurry. Not that the rivalry isn't amusing, but it can absolutely keep simmering for another day or 5, and have a giant payoff match on RAW or SmackDown! if they're in a hurry to let Barrett move on to something else. Otherwise, save it for the next PPV, no reason Truth can't harass Barrett for another month.

Then, they pick which group of guys to give the bad news to. Because they don't want to put the women's match on the pre-show unless they want everyone to refer to Battleground as "oh, the PPV where the preshow was the best match?"

Was actually a pretty entertaining RAW, for a go-home.
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Undertaker-Lesnar? They spent the last eighteen months reminding us that Brrrock Lllesnarrr is a monster, the Shao Kahn of the Reality Era, and he's taking on a fifty-year-old who's wrestled two matches since the last time anyone beat Lesnar clean. And it's all in service to:

Cena-Rollins? The US Open Challenge wasn't supposed to be a tryout for John Cena. It was supposed to be a tryout for everyone the fuck else. And it was, for a few glorious months. We got to see how Sami Zayn and Neville could work in the big ring; we got reminded that Cesaro needs a push; we got to see the birth of the next superstar in Kevin Owens. But no. It was just a way to park Cena for a little while until his inevitable next world title run to SAVE THE COMPANY. The Hulk Hogan comparisons just get easier and easier to make.

Looks like Reigns-Wyatt will lead us to a Shield/Wyatt Family 2.0, which is probably better than pushing Reigns beyond his current abilities, ignoring Dean Ambrose, and misusing the New Face of Fear, but I have zero faith that it will go anywhere.

And the Authority is face now... why? Because they set Seth Rollins up to be Ric Flair, except with ponies instead of Horsemen, and he did everything they asked? Face bosses suck. They always suck. They will always suck.

I say again, GODDAMMIT.
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Oh my god, I am 100% with you on the Undertaker/Lesnar thing. Especially after Taker's whole "You just had to keep talking about breaking the streak, didn't you? Couldn't let it die, could you?" promo, I really think this whole mess is because Vince deeply regrets having Brock break the streak. From what I've heard/read, Taker is the kind of old timer who believes in doing things right, and would have gone out on his back to give the rub to the right guy...but the way they did it was clearly not right. Whatever they do in the future isn't going to fix it, but Vince must believe he can make the legacy better by having Taker beat up Brock a little. I guess.

If only we had a time machine. Can you imagine the legacy if Taker had beat Brock or the match had just never happened? Taker's streak could have been intact and he could have faced Sting at Wrestlemania. Taker could have retired undefeated at Mania after that. And the Sting/Taker match would have been the ideal bathroom/concession stand/twitter break for everyone under 30, and a wonderful 10 minute trip down memory lane for everyone over 30. And no one would have cared if it was two 50+ year old men having a shitty match, because they just wouldn't.

The absolute worst thing about the upcoming Taker/Brock fight is that it is going to absolutely DESTROY everything Brock has going right now. Unless his contract is up and he's refusing to re-sign and the WWE has literally 1 more appearance ever out of him, this is inexcusable.
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