Rick and Morty: Something Ricked This Way Comes   Rewatch 
July 14, 2015 7:49 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Out of boredom, Rick opens a competing business to remove curses from items purchased from the Devil's "Needful Things," store where Summer is working her first job. In the course of helping Morty complete a science project, Jerry is abducted by aliens from Pluto to reassure the populace that their home is still, indeed, a planet.

The timing on the rewatch of this episode was sublime. Go New Horizons!

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Rick and Morty Season 2 starts July 26, so you might want to push up the posts of the last two S1 episodes a little.
posted by 1970s Antihero at 8:15 AM on July 14, 2015

Yup, just two episodes left with just under two weeks. Probably one Tuesday and one Thurs/Friday.
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This episode is brilliant with how it subverts all the old "evil curiosity shop" tropes.
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I've probably watched that post-credit scene more than anything else from the 1st season.

"Yeah, bro...yeah."
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I had completely forgotten this episode by its title by the time I rewatched it, and the second I realized it was the 'evil curiosity shop' episode, I inwardly hollered for joy. It's one of my favorite episodes from season one, if only because of the great way it tackled the cursed item trope. The fact that Rick drives the Devil to hanging himself is awesome.

At the same time, there's quite a bit of damning of the corporate world in the episode, be it the obvious energy/oil/natural gas sector of the mining of Plutonium - which the leadership refuses to admit is destroying Pluto to Summer's justification for working with the Devil, it's not much different than working at a fast food restaurant. The monarch's overreaching effort to find someone, Jerry, he could claim was a scientist to make bogus announcements to support the preferred scientific line is right up there with a number of tense issues today, be it frakking causing earthquakes or global warming. The post credits scene almost exists as the writers' desire to act out against everything they viewed as horrible in the world, directly, rather than through subversive animation.

Both stories involved dealing with deceptions that had horrible consequences, the objects that would provide a benefit, but came with an untold curse with no warning. The mining of the mineral on Pluto and the lies to the billions of people living on the planet. I appreciated that there was that theme to connect the A and B stories of the episode.

This was simply a great episode that came together all over the place.
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"Because I'm not a hack!" and the stinger with DMX make this episode for me.
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I've probably watched that post-credit scene more than anything else from the 1st season.

I'd enjoy it a lot more if the Internet hadn't taught me the sure and certain knowledge that someone somewhere is just masturbating furiously to that scene.
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There's a lot in Summer that I recognize from my high school friends. Teenage girls are often just so desperate for someone, anyone to not be fucking terrible to them that they're willing to overlook a lot of a person's obvious flaws.

I shout out Mr. Goldenfold's "I haven't learned a thing" at least twice a week.

This episode is definitely the genesis of DMX taking over my workout playlist. "Yeah, bro!"
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I can't possibly convey how strongly I empathize with Rick's feeling the moment his endeavor ceases to be challenging and interesting. This is why I don't own a jerry can.

This is the episode I pulled the two wubba lubba dub dub sound samples from to make my iPhone text sounds. Enjoy.

Quicker and more sober

A bit more drunken-sounding

What is my purpose?
You pass butter.
*looks at hands, robot-head down*
Oh. my. god.
Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.

One never pays here... not with money.
*takes cologne* Nothing to read into there! *leaves*

And having done a lot of contracting work for them, I particularly liked...

I think I know what the A in NASA stands for.
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You're Zuckerberging me?
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Oh man, this episode has the best line: "is there a company hiring teenagers that isn't evil?"

...good point.
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Man, I like Summer so much more than I do Morty. Hers and Rick's might be my favorite relationship on the show.
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Can we recognize Alfred Molina for a second here? Just took at his IMDB credits: Dude is having a blast.
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Alfred Molina!?

I was sure I couldn't like this more. Then I was wrong.
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Because you need this in your life.
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I'm going to have to disagree. You need this in your life.
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Oh, and lest we think there's NEVER any value in YouTube comments - in the ones for the loop I just posted someone pointed out that the Westboro Baptist protestor's sign changes in the frame right before he drops it. I went and checked in my copy and sure enough, here's what it changes to right before he gets his beatdown.
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By design or a change in the script at the last minute and a frame they forgot to fix?
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Found over at reddit:
[–]justinroilandR&M Co-Creator 517 points 1 year ago
This was what it said before we got the greenlight to use the actual phrase. It's a bummer that a frame of the old version is left here since people will likely read into it somehow.
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You know my name? . . . that's disarming.
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So what?!
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