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Fsociety attempts to penetrate Steel Mountain, the most secure data facility in America.
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Am I correct in assuming Angela gave the Dark Army access to Allsafe and they weren't interested in Steel Mountain anymore?
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Was that disc from the Dark Army? If so, then yes.

That was a great use of Tangerine Dream's "Love On A Real Train" from the Risky Business soundtrack.

I'm really liking this show, and finally we are getting a chance to see the other hackers in fsociety fleshed out more. I know I'll be giving it a rewatch in a few weeks.
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I'm so sorry, Bill. That was brutal, with him sort of shaking at the end. I just wanted to hug him and tell him not to listen. The ending scene in the bathroom was intense and weird, and I am starting to really loathe Tyrell. On the other hand, a smiling and seemingly smitten Elliot was so cute..

It seemed to me that the other fsociety people were interacting with/speaking directly with Mr. Robot at the end there, way more direct that before. Or am I imagining that?

Angela has nothing to lose now. I think she'll be joining up soon...

The dialogue with Tyrell and his wife: he is speaking Swedish, and his wife speaks Danish (they are mutually intelligible). But my Danish listening comprehension is terrible, so I only get half of the convo and have to look at the subtitles. So annoying.
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It seemed to me that the other fsociety people were interacting with/speaking directly with Mr. Robot at the end there, way more direct that before. Or am I imagining that?

I noticed that.

And that during that scene Elliot was off on his own in the background and didn't say a word. So perhaps it could still be a Tyler Durden type thing where sometimes Mr Robot is a character talking only to Elliot and other times Mr Robot is Elliot.
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I fully expect it's a Tyler Durden thing until they show Elliot talking to someone else and Mr Robot talking to somebody else at the exact same time in two different locations, with like a split screen or something.
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I calling it now... Tyrell is a robot. It's all in the name.
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The most interesting Tyler Durden moment for me was when they were prepping to go into Steel mountain and Elliot is ticking off each of his companion's flaws he says Mr Robot is insane, and then says 'if he goes in there he's liable to blow the whole place up'. now, the plan has always been for elliot to go, so i read it as him saying he was going to keep the mr robot persona within him on a leash so the plan doesn't go awry, which is why, as the scene unfolds, he never really listens to what mr robot tells him to do.
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Poor Bill. I was actually gutted by that. Not least because I live alone and have two cats... but I like to think I'd be badass enough to at least keep my shit together long enough to call security, not my supervisor. *hugs Bill*
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When he said that if Mr. Robot goes in there he's likely to blow the whole place up, all I could think of was the final scene of Heathers.*

*Same goes for the scene a couple episodes back when he shows up and says that he scored the last two Twinkies.
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I'm assuming Steel Mountain = Iron Mountain. I used them for record keeping years ago but didn't know it was the behemoth it really is.
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Tyrell is the Worst. Dinner. Guest. Ever.
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I calling it now... Tyrell is a robot. It's all in the name.

Well, either that, or he's seriously confusing New York City with King's Landing.
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"I'll bet you right now, some writer is working on a TV show that will mess up a whole generation's ideas about hacker culture."

That was basically the pitch for CSI: Cyber, wasn't it?

(I am loving this show. Currently binging on it for the whole weekend.)
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Bill needs his own show, in which he is the hero. Background/overweight/non-conventionally handsome characters of all genders get used as props far too often. I will subscribe to a premium cable channel that tells me the Story of Bill.
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Late to the game (just started watching this recently), but I am shocked by how laughably poor the depiction of "most secure data facility in America" turned out to be. After Elliot bullies poor Bill into getting him time with a supervisor, that supervisor is so distracted by a single text message that she lets the weird dude -- who hasn't evidently even been given so much as a visitor's badge, or had his ID checked -- just, I dunno, find his way out of the place, leaving him free to wander around and pick a few locks to get into restricted areas (which evidently have no security cameras). Oh, and btw, the bathrooms in "the most secure data facility in America" all just happen to be attached to (unlocked?) utility closets with direct access to the very climate control system that Elliot is trying to get his hands on. I am loving the show, but that was seriously plotted like somebody's first draft in a screenwriting 101 class.
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I work in a data centre full of servers, racks, offices and yeah, these scenes made me eyeroll HARD. But there's so much else they do involving tech that is leagues ahead of most depictions that I cut them a little bit of slack. But only a little bit.

Actual server rooms are temperature-controlled and LOUD, which made the first episode of the series kinda break for me too, but eh.
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