Rick and Morty: Ricksy Business   Rewatch 
July 24, 2015 6:53 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Jerry and Beth depart for a romantic Titanic-themed weekend entrusting the house to Rick, Morty and Summer. Immediately upon their departure, Summer and Rick decide to throw a party. Also, Lincler, the genetic mixing of Lincoln and Hitler.

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Note: Season 2 premiers this Sunday at 11:30 EDT! We will pick up the normal viewing schedule with a post dedicated to the new episode going up on Tuesday.
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Abraham Lincler!
Bird Person!
The Gear Wars!
What's up my glop glops!
2 Live Crew!

Mixed feelings about the B story but whatevs
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The B-story was definitely an odd one and a return for the show to playing up sexual violence as a joke (Jerry's about to be raped at gunpoint by an overweight older woman!). As Jerry b-stories go for Season 1, it might well be the worse, though it rested more on the inanity of a lot of people with a desire to recreate the experience of a maritime tragedy versus Jerry's own individual foolishness or stupidity. Then again, when he went on a tirade about Beth cheating on him, that was kinda dumb, too.

Rick's catchphrase. Not only was it a twist on what it meant, but it shadowed back onto all the different times Rick used it - creating this appearance of a deeply sadden individual who couldn't find joy even when everyone else was.

Rick's detachment with Lincler was also interesting, as Lincler saw himself as a son striving for his father's approval, while Rick simply saw him as a failed experiment. How much Lincler reflects Morty's experience is questionable, as Morty never seems to strive that hard to please Rick, so much exist as a partner dragged along on various adventures.

I still don't know if I loved or hated the fourth wall shattering at the end.
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Maybe not my most culturally sensitive moment but I love that Dan Harmon slipped a few glip-glops past the censors in Community 608.
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@lorin It felt like that was Dan Harmon trying to gauge how much overlap the two shows had and holding up a sign that said "come tweet me bro" ( "come @ me, bro"?)
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I've watched this episode 3 or 4 times and always forget the 'Titanic' B-plot.

All is forgiven for Bird-Person however. Bird-Person can arrange that.
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The B story didn't really work for me either. It felt like it could have been easily slipped into an episode of Family Guy or some other show. The biggest laugh for me in this episode was the way that one party guest was talking so casually about bukkake.
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"It has been a challenging mating season for Bird Person" is one of my favorite lines of the entire season but other than that I found this episode pretty forgettable...well, the A plot was forgettable and the B plot was memorably offensive.
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The B story didn't really work for me either. It felt like it could have been easily slipped into an episode of Family Guy or some other show.
Yeah, after I watched this episode the first time I somehow forgot there even was a B plot in there, and mentally attached the parents' shenanigans to a Bob's Burgers episode instead. Which, upon reflection, is deeply unfair to Bob's Burgers.

I really enjoy the worldbuilding aspects of this show, and of course there was a solid chunk of that in here.
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I really, really like the A-plot in this episode, and it's probably my favorite one so far (hey, second season premiere is tonight!)

That said, I'm reminded by these posts that this is also, like, the third episode out of eleven with uncomfortable rapey stuff. I like this show a lot, but I don't recommend it to people.
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The biggest laugh for me in this episode was the way that one party guest was talking so casually about bukkake.

That would be Tammy, who also quickly fussed up her hair for appearances, and seems to have hooked up with birdperson by the end of the episode.
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For those who check "Recent Activity" first before the Fanfare front page (I do? I swear! Sometimes?!), the power of Rick and Morty has resulted in a post popping up for season two in advance of tomorrow! So if you've seen the episode already, grab your Morty (or, okay, grab your Rick if you don't have a drinking problem) and head on over there to spill your sensitive and emotional gut based reactions, things, something.
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The foolish quest just to get something to get high with reminded me of the seeds from episode one and made me wonder if we're supposed to assume that they were just to get stoned with too.
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The B plot could/should have been in Family Guy. Pretty lame.
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