Halt and Catch Fire: Kali
July 27, 2015 7:04 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Following last week's events, Cameron and Donna let off some steam in a gun range looking for solutions for the future. Joe bails Gordon out after a night in jail, and learns a lesson in the instability of the early PC market. During Westgroup shareholders' meeting, Cameron and Joe get their stories straight, and it ends with a surprise.
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I know its been said, but Bosworth is a fucking treasure.
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I'm worried that the next episode might be the series' last, not only because of the ratings but because everything has been winding down…Donna's leaving Mutiny, Cameron's cashed out, Bos is leaving, Joe may or may not be moving to California...
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I think it's better than letting a lot of plot points open and not getting a third season. First season ended:

Joe gone away to the mountains;
Donna and Cameron started Mutiny;
Gordon stepped up in Cardiff;
Boz was in jail;

could have easily ended up there, and Mutiny turned out to be a fun ride. If they get a third season, they could easily start it with a burned out Cameron after the demise of Mutiny walking past a shop in Dallas in late 1987, and being mesmerized by a Amiga 500. Cut to her at home, reading the technical manual next to a bunch of Amiga hardware boxes and finishing up programming a full color "hello world" She smiles, cut to intro. Joe stayed behind, and helped Gordon (still not as sick as he think he is) making Gordon Computers a popular IBM-Clone brand. Donna went back to corporate to run another BBS. Tom discovered the demoscene world, and joined a respected crew on the back of Extract and Defend, but still itching to go back to games. Boz meets one of the gang by chance, and lets go how he doesn't think he fits with corporate suits anymore, and the story on how they all came back together again begins.

The important thing is having a third season. How it works, the creators can work that out fast.
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Toby Huss killed it in a the meeting and then again in his resignation.

Bringing back Gordon's "virus" was some great plotting.
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Huss' scenes were just fantastic, but the scene that really got to me was Davis and Pace in the server room. Davis' performances in this episode were just excellent.

For Cameron to actually figure herself out enough to admit she was wrong was a big step. Did she guilt Joe into trying to torpedo Westnet at the stockholders meeting, or was it Joe's conscience himself? Then she pulls the masterstroke and detonates the network and puts the shoe on the other foot with Joe for once. Then it goes right back to Cameron being Cameron by her ending it with Tom in the most thoughtless and careless way possible.

P.S. Nice touch of realism with the echo in the unfurnished apartment.

P.P.S. I guess my questions about Ol' Gordo were partially answered in this one. I think I'd call a couple of counts of breaking and entering — not to mention digging his own grave in the backyard — manic behavior.
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