Fringe: The Day We Died   Rewatch 
July 27, 2015 8:13 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Peter steps into the Machine, and wakes up in front of a memorial to September 11 ... that was dedicated in 2021.
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I enjoyed seeing the glimpses of the future, which Peter then manages to avert. Well, not Olivia dying, cause that part sucked. But it makes sense that Walternate would somehow be lurking about, trying to ruin it for everyone else because it was ruined for him. Not that they're totally problem-free anyway. Ella becoming a Fringe agent, President Broyles - definitely nice touches.

Pretty good at providing just enough convincing answers to set you up for the final WTF? moment. And what a moment it is!

What are people thinking about S4? I galloped ahead on S3 and have come back to fill in comments, but if there's a resurgence of interest in synchronous viewing, I can slow down for S4. It does kind of seem like this thread is operating in a vacuum though.
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I'm going to plow ahead.
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Enjoyed the futuristic 2026 details implemented from ~2010 (and cross-dimensional; which makes it a bit lower risk). Box table wine, tinned "steaks," fancy bottled water in a wine rack, Peter's (too thick!) glass slab mobile phone with glow-ey edges vs. Walter's brick phone, some screens are transparent and curved (again vs. Walter's legacy 27" LCD panels).

They even tracked down a Beretta Px4 Storm (Peter's sidearm - the prop is probably a bb gun version, widely available where the show was shot, whereas the actual firearm is kind of rare-ish).
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