Anybody watching Ray Donovan?
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I've been been toying with the idea of watching the current season, but given that the show has as many (if not more) minuses as it does pluses going for it, I'm not yet convinced. Knowing, however, that there was an ongoing FanFare discussion about the show (and especially about how annoying creepy Jon Voight is and how annoying Mickey is) would definitely sway me into the watch column.

I suspect the Venn diagram of the audience for this soap opera for the macho man and the typical MeFi population probably doesn't have too much overlap, but then again, my assumption could be very, very wrong. So I thought I'd post just to see what the reaction is.
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I love this show. I'm wondering about the artwork in Casey Finney's office. Nothing from my Googling yet.
posted by stevil at 10:20 PM on August 5, 2015

Well it looks like it's just you (and maybe me). No point in us trying to post about it then. But somehow it makes me feel better that I wasn't the only person watching.
posted by sardonyx at 4:14 PM on August 6, 2015

I like Ray Donovan but it isn't one of the shows that I care to watch as soon as it airs. I'll be waiting for season 3 to end [and the other stuff I'm watching to be over too] before getting started on it.
posted by xqwzts at 7:18 AM on August 7, 2015

I like Ray Donovan but it isn't one of the shows that I care to watch as soon as it airs.
Same here. I tend to do this for a lot of shows now actually. True Detective, Strike Back and Penny Dreadful all queued up. Exceptions - Mr. Robot, Hannibal and Humans. I'm not quite sure how I decide.
posted by unliteral at 7:55 PM on August 10, 2015

Sorry, very off-topic, but I have a vague recollection of talking to an artist that was making artwork for use on Ray Donovan. Maybe Emmeric Konrad?
posted by jimw at 11:05 PM on August 12, 2015

I kind of liked Ray Donovan, but the length of the first few episodes out me off completely. IIRC the first three episodes are a bit north of three hours total, and that's a bit more time than I'm willing to spend binge-watching to advance a quarter of a season.
posted by lmfsilva at 10:43 AM on August 14, 2015

Ray's in my rotation so I'd be contributing to threads for it.
posted by scalefree at 1:09 PM on August 14, 2015

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