The Strain: Quick and Painless
August 9, 2015 10:29 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Eph changes his appearance to leave the city while Nora is left as the reluctant parent for Zack. Dutch and Nora make a deal with Justine to secure Fet’s release from jail.
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Finally! Normal (lack of) hair!

Really enjoyed this episode. Still confused about the wrestler and vampire "cop" plot line, but love the knowledge sharing with city cops.
posted by olya at 7:08 PM on August 10, 2015

We've all been waiting to see what the negative consequences of Eph drinking again would be, and this episode doesn't disappoint; I'm pretty sure he got some hair in his drink.
posted by detachd at 7:50 PM on August 11, 2015

"Badass, Dad" That's your Breaking Bad post-hair buzz quote for the episode.

I think he went full Lex Luthor myself.

Well this is just my favorite fun show at the moment. Love the weird romantic / generational tension between Palmer and his assistant ("How should I introduce you to people? You're so much more than an assistant" oooo something's gonna happen and eewwww.) (Sorry not Palmist - no disrespect to Jonathan Hyde who is just kicking it in the Palmer role. #scenechewing)

And the moment with official representing the Borough of Queens - where she is in denial at first at the prognosis of her (nephew?), then acceptance and finally a bedside farewell - was a much-needed reminder of how the infection is causing tragedy all over the place. I was actually unexpectedly moved by her grief, so ... good scene to include!
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Is it just me, or is the show improving? This episode was one of the best so far, I think.

As with last week, I really enjoyed the scenes in the apartment block, which seemed to me deliberately evocative of the film [REC] (or, if you like, Quarantine). The scampering feelers, the shooting of the illuminated aquarium, and Fet impaling the face of the crawlspace zompire were all excellent.

Eph shaving his head with his shirt off = sure, I'm bald... don't forget I'm also hot as fuck.

Palmer's assistant has an agenda, right? I'm guessing she's working for the Ancients to obtain the Occido Lumen.
posted by EXISTENZ IS PAUSED at 10:25 AM on August 30, 2015 [1 favorite]

Fet impaling the face of the crawlspace zompire were all excellent.

OTOH his "let's make a hole in this wall and then put my face right up close to it" plan doesn't seem ... altogether smart given the zomp's stinger attack mode? although he is of course plot-armored so the stinger doesn't touch him.
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