Project Runway: Final Audition
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Project Runway returns for its thirteenth season. This first episode starts with eighteen designers showing their designs in a final audition. Fifteen designers move on to the first runway show, where fourteen of them will be in, and one of them will be out.
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There's always someone who's model looks like they're wearing a diaper! I don't have strong opinions on anyone yet. It's still so early. Who'll end up being the snarky fight starter? Who'll start crying a lot? Who'll be able to wow the judges and when will Nina start questioning people's taste? So much to look forward too!
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This show is my guilty pleasure!

I still can't believe who they sent home (should have been the other guy) and who they gave the win to. The guy who went home made super cute shorts. For some reason none of the judges could get over how high-waisted they were. They were CUTE. And different. And looked so good on the model. And seemed to be made well. I think he was giving them big attitude and they didn't like that. The other guy's outfit was just one of the worst things I've ever seen. It was just hideously DIY. There was no fashion, no style, no anything.

I don't know anyone's name yet, except for Amanda Valentine. I loved her whole look. That's my jam...dressed up day wear with a minimal boho spin on it. I hope she runs with that.

Project Runway is not what it used to be but it's still good times. Take a shot every time you see or hear a product placement. You'll be drunk before the first commercial. Tim's comment about the gift certificate for a brazilian was wonderful. Love him.

Julie Bowden (sp?) was a terrible judge. I still don't understand her offensive geisha hooker comment or how it even remotedly related to the clothes she was judging. And she was very dismissive. I suggest they try asking fashion bloggers to guest judge.

Can't wait to hear Nina say something is SICK!

I don't have any strong opinions on anyone yet either.
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You have to love Tom and Lorenzo. Their PR recaps are the bestest.

"Julie Bowen is a lady who likes it when the camera’s on her, that’s for sure. She was kind of irritating, to be honest. We sensed Nina wanting to stab her, although it’s possible that’s our heroine worship coming into play. Zac was his usual bitchy self and Heidi liked everything with the potential of showing of her ladyparts." Heehee.

I also forgot to mention this dress. It's always good to remember exactly where the girly bits are by showcasing them with a giant triangle.
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I'm so glad there are more Mefites watching this! I've added the T&L recap to the sidebar here.

the webmistress: Julie Bowden (sp?) was a terrible judge.

Yeah, but you have to expect that. With very few exceptions the guest judges are terrible. Even the permanent ones are often terrible. You know who else they'll have this season? A YouTube celebrity! Because being famous on the internet (or famous in general) makes you a fashion expert. I don't always agree with the "real" judges, but I appreciate that they have some level of expertise.

Arbac: Who'll end up being the snarky fight starter? Who'll start crying a lot?

1: Mitchell (also Amanda) 2: Angela (but by the looks of it she won't be the only one).
Speaking of Mitchell, he and Korinna look like they're team "best bitchy friends forever (until they become mortal enemies)" Here's the acronym for that: BBFF†.

But my main question after watching this episode was: Why wasn't Handlebar Mustache Guy in the make-up room? He was an integral part of the show! Integral!

And one thing that strikes me each time I watch this is how the models look. Look at this model's legs. It's just creepy.
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The T&L recap is great; thanks for linking it.

Amanda's was right down my alley, too. My faves were Amanda's, Carrie's, and fäde's. Samantha's, too - I would wear that in a heartbeat.

I was really surprised all the designers thought Jefferson would win. I was really put off by the proportions and fit as soon as it came out, but thought it had potential. FWIW, I usually love the cropped-shirt-highwaisted-bottoms look. I thought Mitchell's was the poorest design and execution. Well, or maybe Emily's.

Take a shot every time you see or hear a product placement. You'll be drunk before the first commercial.

The product placement for the fridge was great.

So much fun!
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Oh man, the Tom and Lorenzo recaps are almost as fun as the show. I hated Jefferson's shorts and was glad to see him on the bottom, but I thought Mr. Let's sew the tucked in shirt to the shorts guy should have gone home instead.
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Also ... to quote T&L RED FRIGGING ROBIN!?!
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It seems to me that the sponsors/prizes have taken a big nose dive this season. Someone at TLo (their original blog title was Project Rungay, btw) said that there isn't a cash award this time. Does anyone remember? In past seasons, the grand prize was fairly generous.
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As Jefferson was assembling those things, I said to Husbunny, "They could be cute, if they don't look like a diaper." He was mighty impressed, I'll tell you.

I get why the weird dress won, that designer is doing something really interesting that does NOT translate to television. Or the emperor has no clothes. Further viewing will determine. It may be fabric art and not fashion, but at least her model wasn't naked and it wasn't something yawn provoking.

I think it's hilarious that there are so many people with blue hair. Each her own special snowflake.

Also, Fade to Gray (the literal translation of his name) is too precious for words. He better make some damn pretty clothes because his cutesy act is too, too sweet.

Mitchell is one of those tiresome young things one sees in Ft. Lauderdale, too low rent to be able to make it on South Beach, and making up for it with WAY too much affectation and insecurity driven snark. It's not even good snark. He deserved to go home, but he'll be good television.
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Project Rungay!! I totally forgot about that. Here's TLo's live post from last night. I refreshed the page about 1leventy trillionteen times. So many funnies. See you there next Thursday night? I'll be the one in the frayed crop top made of discarded string cheese wrappers.

No really, I will join and post. Up till now I've just been reading long with the Bitter Kittens but it would be fun if we all joined and contributed.

I do recall there being a $100,000.00 prize in previous seasons, right? To help start their own line?
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Already I hate that hipster girl from Eugene, OR who now lives (where else) in Brooklyn.
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Someone at TLo (their original blog title was Project Rungay, btw) said that there isn't a cash award this time. Does anyone remember? = I just watched, there is definitely a $100k cash prize this year.

I liked Julie Bowen as guest judge; I like that she had the balls to actually say stuff instead of being bland and inoffensive like so many guest judges. Mitchell's shirt totally DID look DIY and sloppily put-together and I was glad somebody said so to his face.

The beginning weeks of a reality show are the worst because there are waaaay too many people. The runway show went on forever! Who are all these people?!?!? Looking forward to burning off some of the chaff so the real games can begin.

I was kind of LOLing at the product placement for the fridge but now I kind of want one.
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I really couldn't stand Mitchel's look and I thought he should go home. Nina was right: with that look, we know exactly what he's going to give us the rest of the show, and it's all going to be boring and tacky and junior.

I'm rooting for Sandhya. Her stuff is interesting and novel. But you know there's going to be a point when Heidi and Nina are going to be in a fight over her, and Nina will win. Nina always wins.
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I quit PR after Mondo was robbed, robbed I tell you! Gretchen-scmetchen.

The trick to enjoying it is to pick several heroes and villains early on and then shamelessly root for them and scorn the rest. I have decided on Sean as a fellow kiwi, the weepy one because the villain from Texas tried to psych her out, and Sandhya, because so romantic with the arranged-marriage that is loving and her detailed culture-driven clothes - that sari top silk screened with tiny middle fingers was so clever-angry-cute.

I have my eye on Mitchell and the Texas twit.

Also this discussion made me look at an ad for a fridge and now I really really want one. We're due to replace our fridge in the next year or so, and I did not realize until now how badly I want a showcase door. That is genius design.
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So that fridge has an inner chamber where food you've carefully stored to use "later" can sit mouldering for months without anyone ever knowing or remembering it was there. Because you all know that you'd only ever use that front section, right?
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Mitchell can leave any moment, but I was moderately amused by his bobble - head bitchface.

Im a bit sad for Jefferson, but those shorts were just no. I am pretty sure the return of the high waist is just a mean prank, because it's horribly unflattering on most of the population.
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Which one is from Texas? I missed that.
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Sam was her name, brunette with the lip ring- she was the one who Zac Posen teased for using the word "urbany".
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She made Weepy even more anxious with her faux-concern comments, and it was deliberate. Mean and manipulative, with an aw-shucks persona, she's going to be a great villain.
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Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are so terrified of being old that they immediately will ditch anyone who dares to do something other than short, tight, shiny, and "young" for their customers. The Muslim woman who made it to the "almost final" (what the heck was that beginning part? Did the judges get jealous that they weren't in on the casting decision?) had a gorgeous, interesting aesthetic, and I was very interested to see how her modest garments would translate to the runway, but no. Nina and Heidi saw sleeves and long hemlines, and that can't be left to stand. Same with the male designer who said his aesthetic was "middle aged lesbian chic." You could see Nina's eyes roll back in her head and basically she couldn't get him out of the room fast enough. A shame.

Jefferson didn't deserve to go over Mitchell, but a bitchy little white gay guy who gossips over in the corner (please note, I'm a bitchy little white gay guy who is more than happy to gossip over in the corner) will win out over a low-drama guy every day of the week on Project Runway. Not a good start.
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Over at TLo, someone suggested a format change that I thought was brilliant: no one is auf'd until after the third challenge, then three designers are sent home at once. Would not affect the schedule/Fashion Week deadline and would give the designers more time to settle in so no one gets sent home arbitrarily, like Jefferson.
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She made Weepy even more anxious with her faux-concern comments, and it was deliberate. Mean and manipulative, with an aw-shucks persona, she's going to be a great villain.

Huh, I totally missed that exchange. Was it in the workroom, or at some other point? I'd love to go back and find it.

Same with the male designer who said his aesthetic was "middle aged lesbian chic."

I was bummed to see him go right off the bat.
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This show is my guilty pleasure!

"straight white guy" here. Enjoyment of this show should not be in any way "guilty" I totally get a kick out of PR, it's the only reality show I can bear, actually. It's got incredibly talented folks at the top of their game competing intensely but civilly. It's pretty obvious that most of the "conflict" is created in the edit suite. The designs and execution are fascinating, I just wish there was more time spent in the sewing room showing how they solve the specific problems and sometimes the runway is mistakenly "livened" up with shakycam and fast cuts.

A season bringing together the folks that were first cut would probably be pretty good.
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Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are so terrified of being old that they immediately will ditch anyone who dares to do something other than short, tight, shiny, and "young" for their customers

I agree with this comment 150,000% percent. I was yelling it at the TV at one point myself. You really could see how much it KILLED Nina that the guy who designed pantsuits couldn't care less about designing for someone like her or Heidi.
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Sammyo - if you really want a reality competition with true civility, check out Face-Off.

I also gave up on PR after the Mondo/Gretchen fiasco, but I decided to take a peek back in this season to see if I can enjoy it again.
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I was so sad, but not surprised, to see the man whose target market is middle-aged lesbians go. COME ON, Heidi and Nina! Those faces! Have they never heard of lesbians before? Or is "middle-aged" such a bad word? (I guess maybe it's the latter, given that we're on a show where suddenly all of the designers have shifted, as one, from talking about "their woman" to "their girl".)

But seriously. His stuff looked interesting, and it showed range (there was a dress in there with the suits), and they're always pestering designers to know who they're designing for. Middle aged lesbians have to get dressed, too!

Also so upsetting that they kept Mitchell over Jefferson. As the judges themselves said, at least you could tell Jefferson's future work was going to be interesting... Mitchell's will just be more-of-same. Maybe there is some producer's assistant who swoops in to save the drama queens, in a less-awww-inducing and unlimited Tim Gunn Save maneuver.
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I never get the whole "You aren't on the show yet!" thing some of these programs pull, because they are on the show. Clearly, I'm looking at these people on television, their names are shown, they participate in the challenges specific to that show and then get eliminated. They just aren't on for long.
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I was so glad it was Amanda who came back, and not Ken (UGH) or Alexander. Plus, I always thought she was better than the chance she got on the all-teams season a few years back. Or maybe I just really loved her chemistry with Michelle?

I actually really liked lip-ring girl, and I LOVED the all-black pant ensemble she put together (might have been my favorite). It was Lenni-from-Ghostwriter lady that I couldn't stand. Also a lot of really bad cocktail dresses slipped by as safe this episode.

Also Also I was sure Angela was going home this episode, and frankly I am surprised she made it past the initial final-audition cut.

(so glad to see this on FanFare. As soon as FF came around, I thought immediately of this show. <3)
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So, it was so interesting to watch this again after the whole run. I didn't see this first episode when it originally aired, and it finally came around again with the finale showing. Everyone has such a unique voice which it was cool to go back and see all the way from the beginning.

That Muslim woman was robbed, though. She looked like she could have been a different and, frankly, refreshing voice on the show.
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