Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: LGBT Discrimination
August 24, 2015 3:08 AM - Season 2, Episode 26 - Subscribe

This week.... Hostilities flare up between North Korea and South Korea. Vladimir Putin bans the import of many types of food from the West. Greece President Alexis Tsipras resigns (but will still run for reelection) after just seven months in office amidst controversy over his bank-mandated austerity measures. And Now: Another Check-In With The Most Patient Man On Television. (That would be Steve Scully of C-Span's Washington Journal.) The main story: discrimination against LGBT couples still legal in surprisingly much of the nation. YouTube (15m) And Now: The Most Patient Man On Television Faces His Greatest Challenge. Finally, a follow-up on the business of John Oliver's church, Our Lady Of Perpetual Exemption. They got rather a lot of mail, including a giant bag of seeds, followed by gianter bag of seeds the next day. They also got beef jerky and a 100-Trillion-dollar bill from Zimbabwe (worth about 40 cents). Last Week Tonight is taking a break for two weeks.

North Korea: "Named 'Best Korea' for 70 years running by North Korea Magazine."
Russia: "The prequel, and sequel, to the Soviet Union."
Geese: "Asshole ducks that got into crossfit and they deserve to be crushed by a tank."
Greece: "The home of geniuses like Socrates, Aristotle, and this guy in Mykonos with an elephant trunk thong on his dick. It's a vibrant country."

The trials of Scully, continued:
  • "When you vote Republican, you take a chicken to a doctor, put an asprin between your knees, and pray for the country." "Okay...."
  • "Obama is an idiot! The only thing Obama's got going for him is that he's got a bunch of idiots that listen to him that believe his same-old Nazi Commie crap."
  • "We gotta stand up, and say enough of this crap!"
  • "You know it's just a bunch of crap."
  • "Bunch of crap if you ask me."
  • "It's a bunch of leftist garbage."
  • "...the Democrats included, are scum. Pleasant scum, but scum neverthless."
  • (Scully) "Good morning." (Caller) "Hi, am I on the air?" "Yes you are." "FUCK!"
Scully: "And now we go to Susan in Boston. Good morning Susan."
Caller: (silence)
Scully: "Okay, we'll try Marge in Peoria, Illinois. Good morning."
Caller: "Good morning!"
Scully: "You're on the air. Great, you're on the air Marge!"
Caller: "Okay... this is Susan who was on the air."
Scully: (laughing) "Okay, Susan, please go ahead."
Caller (same voice): "This is Marge now."
Scully: (hangs up)
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Possibly my favorite episode of Last Week Tonight yet. I'd say essential viewing, but am getting to the point of saying this every week about LWT.

I do wonder if John Oliver (or, arguably, the Colorado baker) has inadvertently damaged the wedding cake industry in this episode, though. Suspect I'll always look at an inviting wedding cake with some suspicion and trepidation, from now on...
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considering the "foreign body fluids in food" is a joke as old as Gogdaka, the hunter that decided to catch two mammoths instead of one and then had to do something with the second before it rotted away and created the first restaurant, I' not sure it will do much harm.
"Putting a bit of me in everything", however, is not something to say when dealing with food, because, yeah, that's exactly what it sounds like.
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One day, when helping my then-girlfriend-now-wife move from her dorm in Texas to Illinois, I took an old seabag of mine and filled it with a comforter, lamp, few other relatively large pieces.

Taped an address to the side, then smothered it in more tape so it wouldn't fall off.

A month later, she received a 100 lb bag of genetically modified corn, with my taped label on it.

Still don't know where the comforter is.
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That face Oliver makes every time he aludes to the secret ingredient cracks me up every time.
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History Lies (Web Exclusive)
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They also got beef jerky and a 100-Trillion-dollar bill from Zimbabwe (worth about 40 cents)

This was my friend! My friend sent this! It's like, I dunno, six degrees of hyperinflation.
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