The 100: Coup de Grâce
August 28, 2015 11:48 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

A new enemy puts lives in danger; Lincoln and Bellamy decide to break into Mount Weather together. However, not all goes to plan.

I guess I unknowingly am doing sciatrix's rewatch, except it's the first time for me!

I'm enjoying the show so far and am blowing right through the first two seasons in the past two weeks. It's a good enough show to stay hooked if you tolerate the overdramatics and the plot lines hinging on teenage angst/horniness (which I've had plenty of since my Dawson Creek/Gilmore Girls days). The story is great, though, and since I don't know many of the actors/actresses, I have nothing else to base their work off of, and so far they're doing at least a decent job.

I'm really digging the Grounders language, which I read up on and the creator said it's based off of quick evolution of mispronunciations and slangs of English over a few generations. If you pay attention you can really hear!

Man.. Finn got to me though. Why'd you have to snap like that??
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This is a great series and I can't wait for it to come back, so thanks for the reminder!

Abby is literally the worst and should look to her daughter's "tough decisions, but always for the greater good -- including Grounders" leadership style.

There's so many close calls in this ep (cap worn low, you are apparently the best disguise now and forever), it'd be comical if the whole mission weren't so time-sensitive and stressful. This show is hands down the best/worst at cliffhanger endings! Binge-watching really is the best way to enjoy it, I think.

Shit gets a little too real with Dr. Tsing here, IMO. Very gruesome stuff with the bone marrow harvesting, I had to look away or else I'd gag.
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Yeah I think if I had a week between each episode I would start questioning my desire to keep watching. But it consistently pull some great emotional punches that keep me hooked.

It seems strange how far or near each location is and how long it takes to get between them, I still can't really grasp that correlation.

Yeah the bone-marrow harvesting was really fucking real. Also, a lot of all this conflict could've ended if someone would give diplomacy a chance. But then the show wouldn't be as entertaining.

side note: I just watched November Man for the first time today. It was weird seeing Eliza Taylor in there and not being a total bad ass.
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Yeah every time I hear any of the cast's real accents, I get thrown by it, lol. That said, I think especially the younger cast members have grown exponentially as actors the further the series moves along.

Kind of sorry to see Alycia Debnam-Carey currently starring on Fear the Walking Dead, she was much better playing bad-ass Grounder leader Lexa IMO.
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Another coming in late on this. It looked so dreadful on Netflilx, but as others has said, I was sick and needed something to binge. It is cribbing from some such xcellent sources from Firefly to Fallout that I don't mind, and having whole scenes involving women just planning to fuck shit up is very much my jam. This is an unexpected little gem and I am pimping it far and wide. But yes, you gotta binge, I wouldn't be tuning in weekly.
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