Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Maquis (Part 1)   Rewatch 
September 6, 2015 2:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

The explosion of a Cardassian ship at DS9 causes tensions between Cardassia and the Maquis, those Federation individuals living in the Demilitarised Zone.
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Ah, the fucking Maquis- if it was raining plomeek, they'd be out there with forks.

Also- I like to think that there was a moment during Quark's "business dinner" where he even creeped himself out. Again- credit to Shimerman for fully committing to the role.

Also, also- Benjamin Sisko in lederhosen? Yes, please!

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I thought that this was a pretty significant step in the de-Roddenberryfication of Star Trek. The idea of a bunch of humans simply telling the Federation "fuck your treaty and fuck you" without the resident Starfleet officer in charge stepping in and papering things over within 45 minutes was kind of mind-blowing.
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Not to mention a situation where the idyllic and always-awesome Federation actively screws over a bunch of its citizens.

I do enjoy the moments where we get to see Vulcans being bad guys. They're my favourite kind because they avoid monologuing (to use the parlance of 'The Incredibles'). They just do their bad guy shit without making a fuss. (though really, if there is ever someone in a group of criminals to genuinely convince you that they're doing the right thing, you'd think it'd be the Vulcan.)
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