Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Runaway   Rewatch 
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As the gang make their way through the Fire Nation, Toph discovers a lucrative pastime that runs straight into Katara's disapproval. Just when both seemed ready to make amends, Zuko's assassin arrives to ruin the fun.
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Sorry for the delay folks, Labor Day!
posted by Atreides at 4:06 PM on September 7, 2015

I would gladly be the victim of one of Toph's scams to know what her wanted poster said.

The other ones as well. There was one with two dragons entwined in a heart shape, though that's probably easy to guess. I have to say I love the level of detail the producers put into this show, up to and including jokes only for Chinese readers.
posted by Mrs. Davros at 7:22 PM on September 7, 2015

That bit where Katara ran in place to generate her own sweat to waterbend was ingenious.
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Lovely but of misdirection at the start, there.
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ATLA Annotated has a translation of the Toph poster and is generally a delightful (though at this point spoiler-filled) resource.
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Thank you, heeeraldo! That's exactly what I was hoping for!

ZOMG Aang's "Appa Wanted" poster from Ba Sing Se had his address on it Zuko what is wrong with you
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I mean okay I couldn't read it either, but I'm not Fire Nation royalty. Your tutors are weeping, Zuko. Weeping.
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Katana using her own body fluids to bend is right on the edge of another waterbending trick we'll see soon.
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I like Hawky and Appa as Momo and Hawky's babysitter, but best animal goes to that dragon moose pulling the carriage because dragon moose!

I am glad that Katara's water-making in the prison cell didn't go where it could've gone. (However, if the situation were bad enough, urine's got to be a good option, right? This is not the waterbending trick we see later, in case you are worried. The one we see later is worse.)

I'm a bit tired of the "my parents treated me like this, so now I act like that" show, especially since "The Beach" wasn't very long ago. Still, the character development is worth something, I guess.

I do like expensive atlases!
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Sokka's love for consumerism is somehow the most entirely charming thing and I love it.
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Although I enjoyed this episode plenty, I also find it very frustrating that this is the closest thing to a Toph-centric story for the rest of the series -- she has Katara season 2 syndrome without having Katara's season 3 arc afterwards. (I do like the plotlines she gets in the post-series comics.)
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Avatar opening credits: Game of Thrones style!!!
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Toph: What's the matter? Can't handle a little dirt, Madame Fussy-Britches?
Katara: Oh, sorry. Did I splash you, Mud-Slug?

In the theme of media mash-ups, I would love to see Monkey Island insult sword fighting recast for Avatar. (That MI insult fight site has the source code, so in theory, someone could do that more easily than starting from scratch, but I'm not that someone.)
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The scam where Toph pretended to get hit by the cart reminded me of this article on why Chinese drivers intentionally kill pedestrians -- fortunately the Fire Nation drivers don't quite do that. Or, don't do that when hilarious Sokka-with-a-beard-pretending-to-be-a-policeman catches them.
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dsquared, that article has left me scared to death to walk near busy streets in China.

Beyond the continually golden Sokka forgets Toph is blind jokes, the most redeeming aspect of the episode appeared to be the Katara and Toph bonding which takes place, kind of wrapping up once and for all the angst that had existed since "The Chase." Is it the best? Nope, not any where close to being the best episode. But, even a mediocre Avatar episode is by comparison to other shows, a good one. It was enjoyable and a seed was born here in the fight against Boom Boom Sparky Man for Korra.
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I felt like the plot moved more in this episode than the last one, even thought it is still waiting around. I loved the three masters bending at each other at the beginning, along with Sokka's STEALTH ATTACK!

Sparky Sparky Boom Man. Sokka has the best way with words.

I appreciated Sokka and Toph's frank discussion about Katara's mothering. They've all been through a lot. I like that they appreciate the mothering, even if it gets annoying.

I was OK with the Gaang stealing from the street gamblers, but the fake carriage crash crossed the line for me. NO GOOD.

They finally got clever enough to put Toph in a wooden cell! Quick thinking on Katara's part to generate her own sweat for water slicing. I agree with Toph that it is pretty gross, though.
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