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Alex and PJ do a Yes Yes No with Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller of NPR's Invisibilia, and discuss the one message you've sent across the internet you wish you could take back.
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The Yes Yes No topic was on the blue a few months back. I've never found this as fascinating as everyone else evidently did, and even though I knew they weren't, I desperately wanted Lulu and Alix's theories to be true.
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I love Alix and Lulu! This was one time that I was actually a "yes" before the segment, but it was still entertaining. I for one was totally shocked to find out it was Berenstain not Berenstein.

I liked the stories in the main segment but it didn't feel totally complete. They were both really cringe-worthy but somehow didn't totally move me. It will be interesting to hear the listener call-ins.
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My favorite variant on the Berenstain/Berenstein theory is to imagine the other universe: the one where everyone grew up saying "Berenstain" and just now are realizing "Wait, it was BerenstEIN this whole time???"
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This would have been the perfect opportunity to mention the paint roller!

But, seriously. I love the "Guest Y/Y/N" format. Do this again!
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I loved this Y/Y/N, I think this should be a recurring thing as well (bring on the guests!). I mean it's always fun to plumb the depths of Alex's ignorance of the internet, but how deep can that hole really be?
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Alex Goldman, does your exgirlfriend listen to the podcast??
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