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September 17, 2015 6:06 AM - Season 1, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Kate's father is in a spot of trouble that not even Angel can get him out of.

The family theme continues from last week, as we see Darla sire Angel and the bloody aftermath as Angelus slaughters his father, mother, and sister; and we get the first Buffyverse confirmation that vampires are somewhat bound by who they were as humans.
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I never really got into this episode, though I appreciate the drama, Kate's character, and the theme of the complicated relationship both Kate and Angel have with their fathers.

It does have the line, "Ever since she ran me through with a 2x4 things have been different," though.

Also, major foreshadowing:

Wesley: “Perhaps. Still. At the very least he must realize that he is in league with someone who if not criminal is most certainly unethical. It’s his choice!”
Angel: “Yeah, I know all about it, Wesley, believe me. But sometimes the price we end up paying for one bad choice isn’t commensurate with the offence.”

On rewatch, that exchange is arresting. They do a complete flip on those opinions, don't they?
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On rewatch, that exchange is arresting. They do a complete flip on those opinions, don't they?

I maintain that the overall plot arc of Angel was (more or less by accident) how far a human can go and remain human, and I ain't talking about Liam/Angelus/Angel.
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This is actually one of my favorite episodes. But then, I always really liked Kate.

Buffy is my favorite TV show of all time and Angel is in the top five. I'm probably not saying anything that a lot of fans don't also feel, but the funny thing is that in many ways I think that Angel was overall the better show, at least in terms of consistency, and because of that my attachment to it tends toward being about the show overall, the whole arc of all the characters -- whereas with Buffy, my sentiments and memories tend more to specific episodes and themes. I don't know -- it's weird in that I nevertheless rank Buffy more highly.

I've re-watched all of Angel at least three times sequentially in the last ten years so I'm just not up for a rewatch with y'all, which kind of makes me sad.

And talking about Wesley's arc .... yeah.
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