Welcome to Night Vale: 74 - Civic Changes
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The city council makes an announcement about the dog park. Plus, the start of the new high school football season and an update on the hole in the vacant lot.

The voice of John Peters is Mark Gagliardi.
The voice of Pamela Winchell is Desiree Burch.

Weather: "I Love You Oddly" by Rebecca Angel


I once asked a dog, “Who’s a good girl?” And it was silent. It didn’t know. Or, it didn’t want to say. Either possibility makes me sad.
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The part, right at the beginning, where Cecil has to explain that the city council is upset over all the interest in the dog park because he and Carlos have been openly using the dog park to travel back and forth to a desert other world, that was the greatest. I especially love how in Nightvale, where everything can be so ominous, the response of the dark and shadowy city council to this flagrant violation was basically "ugh, you guys!" Perfect.

Also Cecil's hannibal fan poetry.
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I figured out where the John Peters (YKTF) was headed pretty early on, but it made it no less enjoyable.
The weather was fun, like Feist in a particularly goofy mood.
Cecil, please read your Hannibal poetry to me!
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Cecil, please read your Hannibal poetry to me!


I wonder what the Nightvale/Hannibal fan ven diagram looks like...
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There's a huge overlap - Night Vales initial popularity surge was partly caused by the Tumblr Hannibal fandom.
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[...] Night Vales initial popularity surge was partly caused by the Tumblr Hannibal fandom.

I did not know that. Though it makes sense, WTNV is big on tumblr, that's how I found it back when it was only a few episodes in (and promptly lost my mind and started evangelizing to all my friends, acquaintances, and people on the street corner).
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