Fresh Off the Boat: Family Business Trip
September 22, 2015 8:40 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

When Jessica notices that Louis has packed his swim suit for a business trip, she gets suspicious. To make sure it's all business, she quickly packs the family for a trip to Gator World Hotel and Resort, where Eddie tries to do something worth bragging about in seventh grade, and "Baby" Evan copes with growing up and losing his "brand."
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I missed this show SO MUCH. It's edged past The Middle to be my favourite family because Jessica is just so - Jessica. When she threw her head back laughing at the idea of a vacation, oh yes.
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Yeah, after watching a bunch of the lack-luster pilots this week, it was a relief to see the return of a quality show. So glad this got renewed!
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This episode really suffered from the lack of narration. I hadn't realised how much it keeps the show moving. Hopefully they can sort that out next time.
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OMG are they really feeding cats to the gators?

I feel like that (plus going so extreme with the cheap mom trope) made this episode seem delightfully more absurd than last season.
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Also, I like that the moral of the story involves the dad learning about emotional labor.
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