Minority Report: Mr. Nice Guy
October 1, 2015 10:02 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Dash and Vega combine their efforts to track down a killer who is in a state of heartbreak. Dash also continues to try and get in touch with his siblings.
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I liked the show but the dialogue could use some work.
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I've been talking this show over, and another thing the show is failing miserably at is being set in the future. I think it's supposed to be 2050, right? There are no new linguistic conventions? No apps that the police would be taking advantage of? I've thought up so many things that should be there in a future 35 years from now that aren't there, I stopped counting. Mostly because once you realize how big the holes are with that, it makes it clear that they aren't even trying much with this show, and it'll be cancelled soon.
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