Fresh Off the Boat: Shaquille O'Neal Motors
October 8, 2015 10:51 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Louis tries to finally get the right anniversary present for Jessica, while Evan declares it’s “party time,” inviting his brothers out to the lawn to hang with him and his Beanie Babies, except Eddie and Emery think a water slide would be more fun.
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No music (?) this time, but a mostly accurate reference to the beanie baby craze.

Jessica: You are the final manager?
Shaq: Yes, I am. I sign off on every car that comes through this place. I realized that if I put my name on a product, I got to stand by it. We don't want another... "Shaq Fu." [shakes head]
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This is one of my favorite episodes. I like that they had Jessica's misanthropy pay off in more than just a single cheap joke.
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Another great episode. Loved the call-backs to Shaq Fu & Jessica's nonexistent gaydar. Hard to pick a favorite moment of the car dealership scenes, but I think the fake argument got the biggest laugh from me (though flashback Louis' mullet was pretty cute too).
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Are there really celebrity-named car dealerships? I felt my ignorance on this matter left me unsure where the joke was.

What I loved the most about this episode is that the parents were both working together. They were such a perfect machine, and they both loved it and loved being together. It was so sweet and so great.
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Are there really celebrity-named car dealerships?

Oh yes, this used to be a pretty common thing for professional athletes to do with their money (along with restaurants), especially in the years when they didn't make multi-million dollar salaries and might actually find themselves in need of a job when they were out of sports (or in the off-season).

Anyone who has ever driven around Bloomington IN can tell you about Larry Bird Ford in nearby Martinsville.
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