Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 3
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Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes' wedding is fast approaching, but a misunderstanding threatens to derail the occasion, and when the big day arrives it also brings a few unexpected guests. Meanwhile, Edith reconnects with an old acquaintance, who comes to her aid in her hour of need, and over at the Dower House, Spratt has something to hide, meaning Denker is hot on his trail. Daisy jumps to conclusions and tensions mount over the hospital takeover, prompting Isobel to offend a friend.

Jumping right into the snark: more heavy foreshadowing from the pen of Julian Fellowes. An atypically sentimental letter from Tom (Lady Mary: "I'll answer this after the wedding") ends with his sudden reappearance with little Sibby. Whatever happened to Tom in America, he clearly didn't starve.

So that one was quickly resolved but there's another one looming: Lord C grimaces and passes off the pain as a bout of indigestion. Last season it was just "an ulcer" but I think we all know whose death is coming at the end. (The dowager is immortal.)

We get to see Lady Edith in all her working girl glory: "You've probably forgotten, but I own a magazine!" I had. I thought it was a newspaper. Or whatever publication that could be run long distance, with the occasional telephone call. But she buckles down and gets out the next issue after she fires the Editor and apparently the entire Art and Production Departments whose job it actually is to layout and paste up the pages. But it made a nice picture, Lady Edith doing something instead of whinging about her life.

Thomas continues to complain that nobody likes him (ya think?) and although we don't know why he is limiting his job search to the nearby countryside instead of taking off for the bright lights of London, we know he is doomed to fail.

Denker vs Spratt now stands at 1:1.
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"Ah, Mr. Carson, finally a day that's all about u-"

"It's me, Tom. I'm back from America!"

"Mr. Carson I say we smother them all in their sleep."
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Not only with Tom stealing their thunder, but Tom's whole bit about Downton is so opposite to how I see things.

"But it made a nice picture, Lady Edith doing something instead of whinging about her life."

I think with Edith, I'm the way other people are with Mary. Much of the audience doesn't like her, but I think the dislike is unfair and I'm totally in her corner. To me, seeing her come into her own in this way is one of the most satisfying things the show has done. I like Edith.
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I was surprised to see Tom back honestly, especially considering the big deal they made last season where he isn't really feeling at home at Downton - so he's shipping off to Boston. But, we what - didn't have enough male leads for season 6? - so now he realizes that Downton is his true home.

Just boring. And I got faked out by Thomas - I thought he was going to live out the rest of his days with the old gentleman, who was secretly gay, and inherit everything of the old grand house. But maybe there is still hopes e that in later episodes.
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I'm definitely in Team Edith and Team Not Mary No Thank You Very Much.
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I'll bet that old house Thomas visited is the one I've It's deliberately kept in a derelict state and is used for filming *and* weddings.
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In fairness, there are quite a lot of stately homes in pretty bad shape, Highclere Castle, Downton itself was apparently pretty knackered until the TV show drove enough new interest to begin renovations.
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Mary and Edith are both horrible people, probably because they were raised to feel so entitled that they can't imagine anyone else's feelings. The only Crawleys who can are Isobel and Cora.
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Just finished watching S6E2, and so hit the Next Episode link at the foot of the S6E1 thread, and was momentarily surprised to arrive here. What a garbage fire.
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(American here, we only just got this tonight.)

Denker vs Spratt now stands at 1:1

But it's at least more interesting than ANYTHING going on with Anna and Bates.

Dear Lady Edith: Marry him at once.
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Hah, yeah, marry this one before he runs or dies, Edith!

Poor Carson and Mrs. Hughes, just trying to have a damn wedding of their own without all these rich people butting in.

Thomas's job hunt is reminding me more and more of 2015. He's never going to be able to find a job and will be stuck at Downton until he gets canned or croaks.

Shut it, Daisy, nothing's been finalized yet.
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I'm think I'm not following the Carson-Thomas conflict. Carson just seems excessively snotty towards Thomas - even more than usual. And I thought he and Robert had some vague exchange along the lines of "we've may have a solution to the Thomas problem". I feel like I missed an episode somewhere. I mean Thomas has always been a bit of a problem child but it seems like they are especially keen to have him gone. What did I miss?

I'm so glad Mrs. Hughes Carson got her own do. Although it was pretty rude of Isobel to invite herself and the whole family. "I hope we will be invited." Jeez.

Mostly I'm just glad this is the last season. I have to see it through but boy it's work.
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I don't think you've missed anything. Carson is generally not fond of Thomas (okay, most people aren't, but Carson did can the guy for being gay and then had to keep him on anyway) and he's hinting that Thomas might be canned in order to encourage him to leave. There do not seem to be any formal plans to lay off staff going on, just innuendo.
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No, Edith, do not marry him!!! This is the same guy that smarmed his way into practically making Cora have an affair. He's using the exact same techniques on the daughter. Stay away, Edith, unless you want your heart broken again.

Use him to realize that with quality support and assistance, you CAN make a go of it in the publishing industry, and then hire a great editor while you learn how to actually run a business.
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No, Edith, do not marry him!!! This is the same guy that smarmed his way into practically making Cora have an affair.

Oh THAT'S who that is. I was so confused, I thought it was that guy Mary did the pig-thing with.

Daisy, is there NO way to get you to cork it? Perhaps you ought to put some pie in your pie-hole.

Branson is back! Wait, when did he leave?

Gee, who'd a thunk it? Edith is a mighty editor and she can do anything. Goodness I'm glad she found some way to be useful again. She's a miserable sot when she's just looking elegant and wringing her hands.

I'm not going to like what happens to poor Mr. Mason, am I?

Also, Cora going off on people trying on clothes....really? That was so contrived and pained....ugly. Also, pointless. Completely pointless. Exactly like this last season.
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This is the same guy that smarmed his way into practically making Cora have an affair.

No, it isn't. That was Mr. Bricker. This guy with Edith is Herbert "Bertie" Pelham (WARNING: SPOILERS.)
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Also, Cora going off on people trying on clothes....really?

Actually, I found that one of the more realistic moments of the show, lately. I mean, she had a long awful day highlighted by the argument at the hospital meeting, she came home with a headache, went to her room expecting to finally have some "alone" time, and here's the help playing dress up with her clothes? Which, sure, she almost certainly would have approved of had she been asked directly, but she wasn't. She's an aristocrat in a bitchy mood who acted out her authority. That sort of thing must have happened back then all the time - it's one of the fantasies of this show that the Crawleys are so unmitigatedly pleasant to their servants. I found it rather refreshing, really, to see Cora in a bit of a snit.
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No, it isn't. That was Mr. Bricker. This guy with Edith is Herbert "Bertie" Pelham (WARNING: SPOILERS.)"

Oops, my bad. But his MO was exactly the same as Bricker's: appear exactly where and when he's needed, swoop in and make her feel like a million bucks while saving the day, and somehow seem like he's got an ulterior motive while doing so. Maybe my suspicion-o-meter is off, but I don't like him.

Regardless, Edith still needs to learn how to run a business if she's going to make a go at this publishing thing.
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The showrunner/writer isn't the best at writing dating relationships. But I sorta give it a pass because dammit, Edith needs to end up with someone NOW.
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I keep expecting Mr. Gregson to show up from Germany to rescue Edith. I guess I should give that up?
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They did eventually find the body, so yes. Unless Fellowes suddenly wants to have ghosts make appearances.
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