Sailor Moon: Rei ‑Sailor Mars‑
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Queen Beryl hints at the true power of the Legendary Silver Crystal. Disturbing rumors about the Sendaizakaue bus swirl all around Usagi. Amid the rumors, Usagi meets a beautiful shrine maiden with black hair named Rei Hino.

Nephrite! Zoisite! Rei! Sailor Mars!

I am really happy because this is the first time you see how different the first anime is from this one. The story elements for Mars' introduction in the 90's anime was the same. Evil bus, missing kids, thinking Rei had something to do with it, her discovery as Sailor Mars, etc.

But so much is different. Rei herself is much quieter and refined. Tuxedo Mask didn't save anyone but Luna. They tag teamed and (possibly?) killed Jadeite.

I really look forward to them really going off the beaten path in the future.
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The devil bus! You know! That thing everyone knows about but conspicuously never mentioned before but everyone talks about constantly right now!
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I watch a lot of anime but I have never watched Sailor Moon so I know nothing about the story, but I really like what I'm seeing.

Am I wrong or are there some lesbian undertones ? Usagi mentions a couple of times that Rei is a beautiful girl and she has hearts in her eyes the first time she sees her.
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My wife was talking about how pleased she was with the bad guys both still being men because of how one was changed to a woman for the dub Way Back When due to later romance. That said, it's unclear to me if Usagi is in love or just being a completely crazy person like she seems to be.
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Am I wrong or are there some lesbian undertones?

One of the really endearing aspects of Usagi's character is that she's quick to love and be impressed by others. I think it's that kind of admiration rather than attraction, but, you know, it's not crazy to think Usagi might like girls. (And not just because of the Schrodinger's bisexual thing.)

My wife was talking about how pleased she was with the bad guys both still being men because of how one was changed to a woman for the dub Way Back When due to later romance.

The relationship between the two bad guys isn't romantic in the manga, though, so I don't think we'll actually have a canon male homosexual couple this time around.
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More noodle arms! When Queen Beryl looks in her crystal, noodle arms reach out for her. At first I thought it was a vision of Sailor Moon transforming.

I'm a little confused about what actually happens with the demon bus. Is the entire bus disappearing? Are some riders disappearing from the bus? What exactly? If the entire bus is disappearing every day at 6 pm, you would think that they would discontinue that route, or that there would be a formal investigation. oh, logic!

Ami tells her, "Stop staring at the girl; it's rude." Yet Ami's the one pointing out girls on the bus and telling Sailor Moon to gawk at how hey look!
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I also had a hard time taking seriously the repeated mentions of the demon bus (always with the time specified!) and its reign of terror carrying out the most easily preventable series of abductions ever.

I still liked this episode though! Rei seems a little softer than I remember her being in the old series? She's still very capable/self-assured, but the scenes at the shrine seemed more...aware of how taking on an unusual amount of responsibility at a young age can be tough even for someone who's well-equipped for it. I might be beanplating.
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I haven't watched the newest episode yet and I'm curious to see if she stays soft. Maybe she just doesn't know Usagi well enough yet for her temper to appear.
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