Halloween weekend: Let's watch HOUSE (ハウス Hausu)!
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This Halloween, the Strange Club and the Criterion On Hulu club are teaming up for a joint discussion of the absolutely bonkers 1977 Japanese horror film House.

Though originally asked by Toho to create Japan's answer to Jaws, experimental commercial director Nobushiko Obayashi worked closely with his pre-teen daughter to create a surreal haunted house film that draws heavily on childhood fears and dream logic. The result is too scary to be a children's movie, but also too childish to be taken seriously as a horror film. It's like Escape To Witch Mountain-era Disney remaking Audition.

The film's available on Criterion DVD and Blu-ray, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video. I've also heard whispers that members of the Strange Club can acquire films through occult channels as well.

We'll post the thread on Sunday, November 1st. If there's any interest in a Google Hangout to have a live discussion of the film that evening, I'd definitely be willing to set that up as well. It's something we've talked about over in the Criterion club in the past, but life keeps getting in the way.

And of course, here's the appropriate reaction to this announcement.
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A little bird who is totally not suggesting that you violate copyright tells me that Obayashi's other feature film, a demented mostly English-language adaptation o the horror manga The Drifting Classroom, is easy to find on YouTube...

I haven't watched it yet (aside from a short clip with a sort of constantly-puking cuddly spider...thing that made me sit bolt upright and exclaim WHAT THE SHIT I MUST SEE THIS) but reactions from those who have are mixed. Watch at your own peril!

Sorry I haven't really been participating in these, btw- school has been kicking my ass and I haven't had as much watching time as I'd like. I'm slowly catching up (just watched A Field in England, liked it VERY much) and hope to be caught up by the time we get to Hausu, one of my favorite films ever :)
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I was just debating whether to watch Hausu at home the other night, and ended up going with another Hulu Criterion pick (Cronenberg's The Brood) instead. Now it's like I didn't even have to choose! Hooray!
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I'm really excited for this! Hausu is one of my favorite movies ever. It's one of the very few blu-rays I own, and I try to thrust it on anyone I think would be receptive to it. Perfect movie for Halloween, and for both the Strange Club and the Criterion On Hulu Club. Thanks for coming up with this idea Ian A.T.!
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Also, yep - we've got a copy for anyone that has trouble finding one. Just memail me or ryanrs.

Also also - I'm intrigued by the idea of a live group watching. Either through Google Hangouts, or hijacking Metafilter Chat, or some other way. I've done this once over twitter with a group who watched The Apple and it was highly entertaining.
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That's funny, I originally meant just "if you guys want to get together and talk about the movie afterwards, I'll set it up." But actually...a live watch of House would be pretty dang entertaining!
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If I watch House, am I going to have to leave a light on at night till Christmas?

Oh hell, maybe I'll just take my chances. I'm in.

A Hangout would be great.
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The thread is live!

Alas, I probably won't be available for a Hangout this evening, as I'm currently typing this in an airport during a business trip layover. Surprisingly, curating discussions of arthouse cinema doesn't pay the bills.
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