The X-Files: Never Again   Rewatch 
October 18, 2015 8:25 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Scully takes some time off from Mulder and discovers a man with a jealous tattoo.
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I think I may never have watched this episode all the way through before? I seem to remember parts of it...but I'm SURE I would remember Scully busting out an encyclopedic knowledge of Rocky & Bullwinkle and it took me by complete surprise. Looking at the rest of the episodes in my list, I'm dead sure I've seen them all, so this may be the only "rewatch" episode that might have actually been partly new to me.

I'm so glad I got to see it, in any case. Scully-centric episodes of X-Files are a rare treat (um...other than Beyond the Sea and this one, I can't even think of any off the top of my head). I love the idea of Scully as someone who just fucks off to Philly, gets some ink done, and bones a guy she just met. It's so entirely out of line with the usual workaholic Scully but kind of fits what we know of her as a character: i.e., we don't actually know much of her as a character. We've gotten to season 4 knowing Scully as a consummate professional who doesn't really have a personal life per se. We know her relationship with her dad was intense and complex, that she has (had? is Melissa still around at this point in the series? Maybe not) a new-agey, kind, but ultimately pretty distant sister, I remember literally nothing about her mother...I think she had a brother too? Given her work schedule and frequent, unpredictable travel, the idea of Scully being able to maintain friendships outside of work, let alone romantic relationships or any kind of serious hobby, is laughable. The closest thing she has to extracurricular interests outside her work on the X-Files is occasionally publishing medical papers. So Scully's non-work personality is pretty much a wild card to us, as people who have seen her in all kinds of intimate and vulnerable moments over the last four years of the show.

In season 4 she's meant to be 33 years old, and it seems a theme of the season is that she's not sure she wants the life she has. All three S4 episodes we have in the list touch on this to some extent: Home on her wish for a family, Never Again on her wish for a personal life and/or some scope for professional advancement, and Small Potatoes on her willingness to take her relationship with Mulder someplace a little less strictly platonic. And, I mean, as a woman who's currently a couple years behind Scully age-wise, if I were a woman with an MD working in a basement office with no desk after multiple years, no clear path to career growth, no relationships in my life, no hobbies outside work, you damn well BET I'd need to have either a deep commitment to the mission itself (nope, in Scully's case) or an all-consuming crush on a colleague to keep me going to that damn job every day. I don't care where you stand on whether M/S would be good for Mulder, good for Scully, or good for the show, it's clearly on some level keeping Scully where she is. Because, what else would be??

Anyway. This episode is a lot of fun. It's fun to see Scully in such a different mental place than usual, and satisfying to see her grouse at Mulder about his supreme gullibility and self-absorption, and entertaining to learn that Mulder's quest for self-discovery apparently takes him to Graceland. It's great that it takes just a slight perspective shift to show Mulder as a horse's ass who thinks he's the center of the universe, rather than his usual driven, monomaniacal one-man army in search of the Truth. It's also really nice that in this Scully-centric episode, the "paranormal" phenomenon has a reasonably plausible chemical basis. And the music in the episode is great! And Jodie Foster is too! It's definitely not the most important episode of X-Files ever, but I'm glad I took some time out to appreciate it. I wish there were more like it.
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"Not everything is about you, Mulder."

Love it. Great episode.
posted by brundlefly at 12:24 AM on October 19, 2015

is Melissa still around at this point in the series? Maybe not

She died at the beginning of season 3.
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What's awkward to me about this episode is its timing. It's after Scully is given the hint that she has cancer, in Leonard Betts, but because this ep was originally meant to air before that one, there's no mention of it. So you have Scully acting all YOLO as you would expect after she realises she may be dying, but without any reference to it; her behaviour seems more out of the blue somehow. I kind of wish it had been intended to be post-cancer-awareness so she could have reflected that more. Could have been so interesting.

I think I maybe only saw this once originally but I seem to recall it was somewhat hated by most fans. (Or just Shippers?) I didn't hate it that much though. Didn't love it, but it was an interesting character study.

More so now watching it that I'm the same age as Scully is in it. As a teenager she was perpetually adult while I was not, so her "fuck it I'm getting a tattoo and sleeping with this cute guy" resonated really differently than it does with me now. Go Scully!
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That scene in which Scully is getting the tattoo while her cute if sadly afflicted date is watching her is kind of hot.
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"Kind of" hot? Hmph.
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