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Uhtred and Brida seek to report to Ubba the truth of what happened to Ragnar and Ragnar's family, and find themselves contending with a lie by the murders' perpetrators. In Wessex, King Æthelred concerns himself on how to handle the Viking menace, while his brother, Alfred considers the fate of the idea of England. Elsewhere, the Kingdom of East Anglia succumbs to the Vikings and Edmund becomes a Martyr.
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I haven't read the books, but I am loving this show. I want Brida to be my medieval Saxon best friend. I really like the balance of actual characterization with all the action, it doesn't feel like a Dudes' Show For Dudes Who Like Battles, the way that Bastard Executioner was feeling for me in the admittedly only episode of the latter that I watched.
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I'm in the same boat. Definitely enjoying it so far and in part because I do think they're doing a good job with the characters. Some are still a little flat, but they're either just introduced or obvious side characters (like the bad guys who killed Ragnar - YOU TOOK MY SON'S EYE, I GET REVENGE!).

I continue to appreciate the cinematography, direction and music, too. Top notch for tv!
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I agree, way better than The Bastard Executioner (which to be fair, might have gotten better after the 13 minutes I managed to sit through, but I doubt it). This one is well done on all fronts.

I just got back from a trip to Denmark and noticed that man buns are a hot trend in Copenhagen - it made me laugh that Uhtred is also rocking the look as a ninth century Dane. Are modern man buns a callback to their Viking heritage?
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