Welcome to Night Vale: 76 - An Epilogue
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In just a few days the whole story will be known. This is what happens after.

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...so essentially it's an episode-long ad for the book. I suppose the bright side is that it serves to dramatize the fact that you presumably can keep on listening to the show even if you don't read the book, without worrying overmuch about spoilers.
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Oh, it was about the book. No wonder I uh, zoned out for the start of it. I hate that I'm not at all into the idea of the book, but it just sounds like it's missing most of the stuff I like I about the show.

Did like this bit though: "All you need to do to become a community radio intern is not run away when station management surrounds you outside your home shouting, “This one is next! This one is next!”
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Um, I am 100% in the minority on this but I absolutely loved this episode. Loved.

It was like . . . one of the best things about the first year of Night Vale was how self-referential it was, but we had absolutely no idea what Cecil was referring to, so it was interesting and funny with an air of mysteriousness. It made me keep listening to try to find out WHO owns those helicopters with the birds of prey painted on them, and WHY, exactly, Big Rico's is important.

More recent episodes have felt chock-full of references to previous events and I have been a little bored by them? Like, the genius of Night Vale is that no one really knows what's going on, even as Cecil is telling us what is going on.

So yeah. I loved this episode. I'm still undecided on whether I will get the book, for the same reason as jenfullmoon mentioned, but I loved this episode.

OH! And I loved the, "I know you like books, you pervert, you" Harper Collins ad. I laughed out loud (really) for a good solid minute at that.

Also, this line gave me all the feels: In any case, an entire town swinging back to the normal, getting on with life in the after. After all of the things that we all now know happened. All of us. Except, of course, one person. A person missing. A person who we all missed. A person impossible to remember. A person now impossible to forget. I lost someone in my life recently and this line just made me tear up, thinking about her.
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Yeah. I feel like about 50% of this episode was a tongue-in-cheek joke mocking the people who were afraid to listen to this episode (ie. me!) because of spoilers.

Which is to say, I really enjoyed it, and the gratuitous self-promotion was pretty amusing.

I also felt that the writing on this was really, really solid, and played to all of Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor's strengths.
Instead, I’ll talk about the Barista District, which is experiencing a severe population spike, also as a result of that whole “KING CITY” thing. There are just so many helpful people wandering town, asking us if we want nonfat or 2%, and if they can get us a blueberry scone with that. You can’t open a hall closet or tunnel under your own lawn without a barista jumping out at you, asking if you want a tray for all of the coffee they’re going to give you.

So much coffee. Whether you want it or not.

“Here it comes! A crushing amount of coffee. Don’t run. You’ll never escape. Do you want a tray with that?”

More on this ongoing aftermath in a moment. But first, the news.
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So, first, you should pardon my saying so, but /r/nightvale has threads for each episode, which are generally worth a look. There's wheat among the chaff.

For a less structured mainspring of reactions and fanart and cosplay and theories and fanfic and so much more geeking out, Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr. OMG Tumblr. So much Tumblr.

(I don't try to keep up, but I do dip in there occasionally.)
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Fanfare only goes so far back unfortunately. /r/nightvale is pretty good and not all that reddit-y

I bough the book today, looking forward to reading it and figuring out what's going on in this episode!
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Can anyone recommend a wtnv forum? I've been reading thru the fanfare posts and wow I had no idea about all these Ideas and Theories.

Keeeeeeeeep posting here! Welcome! Please, please take the "posts the most in Night Vale FanFare threads" title away from me.

Save me from myself
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the thing to do, sio42 is start a podcastclub and then make your friends listen to podcasts of your choice!

well, that's what we've done...
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Have you listened to all the episodes before this one? I think I'm inclined not to spoil exactly which episode he returns in, but, yes, that happened.
posted by Shmuel510 at 6:59 AM on November 13, 2015

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