Anyone interested in (re)watching Wiseguy?
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I just noticed that Wiseguy, the 1987-1990 crime drama, is streaming on Hulu. Alan Sepinwall described it as "a dark, moody, intelligent drama" that was "20 years ahead of its time" due to its then-groundbreakingly-lengthy story arcs, which allowed the show to develop richer villains than the typical case-of-the-week shows of the time. From what I've read, it seems like an important foundational show for modern TV, but it's been largely forgotten today. I think I'm going to watch it - would anybody else be interested in watching along with me?

I saw the first season on DVD, but that was almost 15 years ago, and I remember almost nothing about it, except for the fact that it was really good. So I'd be happy to do this either as a first watch or as a rewatch.

Here's a 2013 review which gets into why the show was important in the history of television: Kevin Spacey? Stanley Tucci? Jonathan Banks? All Roads Lead to ‘Wiseguy’: Stephen J. Cannell's 1980s crime show cast a long shadow thanks to talent and storytelling

(This show is also notable for being the reason Goodfellas was not titled Wise Guys - the show got to the title first!)
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Looks like the entire series is up on YouTube. I've always wanted to see the legendary Mel Profitt arc, so I'd be interested in a Rewatch.
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I totally would. One of my favorite shows ever.
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I remember this show guest starring a younger Spacey. Worth doing it for Mel and his penchant for Malthus alone.
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I actually picked this show back up from the archives maybe 6 months ago & watched somewhere into Mel's arc. If I had others to discuss it with I'd probably pick it back up. So that's a yes for me. The toes knows!
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I vaguely remember this from back in the day. Bits and pieces. I remember it being amazing, but have no idea how well it will have held up. Wasn't Jerry Lewis the villain in a later season?
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Ok, awesome - I'll put up a first post sometime next week!

We'll do it as a rewatch, but I'd prefer it if we kept the hugest spoilers like "here's how this arc ends" out of the comments.

What would be a good schedule for people? I wouldn't mind doing two episodes at a time, just because I tend to marathon, but I'm up for whatever people want to do.
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Wasn't Jerry Lewis the villain in a later season?

He was in season 2 as a generally unsympathetic character, although not really the villain; that would have been Stanley Tucci.

I'd be good with two episodes at a time.
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I love that the only youtube comment on the S1 finale is a gripe about the soundtrack getting changed. It really is not the same!
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Yeah, the "Nights in White Satin" thing was kinda excellent. They had a bunch of rights problems, apparently; they never put the whole Dead Dog records arc on DVD or streaming because they couldn't get the rights to any of the songs.
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Looking over the cast for that arc it's really disappointing!

Tim Curry as Winston Newquay
Deborah Harry as Diana Price
Paul McCrane as Johnny Medley

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I'm in. I don't remember the show but I'm always up for new finds on Hulu.
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Hey all, I haven't gotten around to watching the first episodes yet because work has been crazy - so if someone else has already seen it, please feel free to put the post up! I'll probably see it this weekend.
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