Let's talk Dune reading schedule!
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There's six Frank Herbert novels. I'm thinking monthly, but I'm up for tweaking that.
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So, if we arbitrarily run with today's date, a monthly read through of the six novels would look like this:

Today: Dune
Nov 21: Dune Messiah
Dec 21: Children of Dune
Jan 21: God Emperor of Dune
Feb 21: Heretics of Dune
Mar 21: Chapterhouse Dune

That has the nice bonus of putting God Emperor in January, which is also for a lot of folks New Years Resolution month, and "I resolve to actually finish God Emperor" is something I imagine a couple folks at least could legitimately put on their list since it's famously a bit of a stopping point for series readers. (Which is a shame, because it, and the final two, are really interesting and worth getting up a head of steam on!)

I'd love to revisit and discuss some of the other Dune media as well, particularly the Lynch film but also potentially the Sci-Fi miniseries, the recent documentary Jodorowsky's Dune, the wonderful (if sadly out of print and so tricky to find) Dune Encyclopedia, etc. (Just not those Brian Herbert prequels. Start your own club.)
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Alright, I'm in. It's been at least 15 years since I read "Dune", and I've never read the others. This'll be fun.
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Monthly sounds reasonable to me.

I started the series, got halfway into Children of Dune some 5 years ago, and put the book in a weird pocket of my carry-on and didn't find it again for [insert embarrassingly long amount of time, because I thought I'd left it on the plane by accident] by which point I'd lost my momentum. But I would definitely like to be the kind of person who's read them all.
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Don't forget Dune II, it was pretty great at the time.
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I'm down. I remembe rvery little of Heretics of Dune and never did finish Chapterhouse of Dune. This is universe that Herbert created is so brilliantly crafted, it would be a joy to return to.
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i will have all 6 finished by sunday sorry
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It's okay, you're just creating your own personal hell so if that works alright for you I think it works out for everybody.

I actually do a terrible job of getting book-reading done usually, so I'm looking forward to and also very slightly worried about trying to keep a regular schedule to get through these month to month. And really, I guess setting myself up to read both Dune as a refresher for the already active discussion and Dune Messiah in time for that discussion to start this time next month.

But I haven't been not-reading-books-much on purpose or anything the last several years; it's just fallen by the wayside in service of computer reading and other stuff. So I'm hoping I can get myself back in the habit. Maybe I'll even read a non-Dune book? Maaaybe.
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I am in the process of re-listening to the audiobooks. About half-way through God Emperor right now. I'm down with this.
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the wonderful (if sadly out of print and so tricky to find) Dune Encyclopedia, etc.

If my library's card catalog is accurate, there are five copies in our local system. Should I 1. check out, 2. not return, 3.????? 4. PROFIT!
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I might have a pdf of it somewhere.
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oh nvm i see the link to it above
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This is great. Haven't read this series in years. Decades
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I'm totally down for this as long as you promise we can also discuss, at length and with links to high-res photos, James McAvoy's performance as Leto in the skiffy remake of Children.
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I see no reason why not!
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So- nearly time for the next instalment of The Duners Club! I've been champing at the bit to discuss Dune: Messiah for the last couple of weeks.. looking forward to hearing everyone else's take on it- a very different book to the first installment! See y'all there in a day or two..
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Yeah, heh, I was gonna post a check-in today to see how folks are doing in terms of pacing, whether the 21st is still a good launch date or if folks have ended up busy/behind at all. (I'm in the latter camp but it's not like I haven't read it before, so there's zero reason to delay on my account.)
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oh i guess i can just read it right now instead of playing video games
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Alright, an evaporated weekend late, it's time for Dune Messiah!
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Any chance we can get this back on track?
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Oh god, yes. I'm sorry about the giant delay, I've let myself get distracted by one thing after another. The core lesson here is DON'T LET ME RUN A BOOK CLUB.

Anyway, yes, I'll get us a Children of Dune post in the next little bit, and rework the calendar to go from there.
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Alrighty: Children of Dune is at long last go!
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And now: God Emperor of Dune.
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