The Nightmare (2015)
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Something as rare as a very scary documentary: A look at sleep paralysis and accompanying hallucinations, with dramatic recreations. By the director of Room 237.

The much-missed The Dissolve might have reviewed it best, saying "this is documentary horror, not just a documentary about a horror". It focuses on interviews with people who suffer from sleep paralysis, who describe their experiences, and recreations of those experiences, although the actual interviews also have a few subtle moments of creepiness.
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This is currently on NetFlix both in the US and several other countries, and makes for an excellent near-Halloween watch, although maybe not quite as late and alone as I just did. There are moments here that evoke both Lynchian surrealist horror (one scene in particular reminds me of the Mystery Man phone call scene from "Lost Highway") and the kind of demon-infested slippery reality portrayed by films like "Jacob's Ladder".
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