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SCoIP is the Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts, a nine-part "crossover event" between a bunch of comics and comics-adjacent podcasts. Two episodes are out so far, with the rest scheduled to drop over the course of November. I figure this could be an opportunity to talk about some shows that don't rise to the level of a weekly post but have (I think) a bunch of people here interested in the overall subject matter. Does this sound like a good idea?

The participating podcasts are FanBros, Into It, SILENCE!, Wait, What?, War Rocket Ajax, Journey Into Misery, Less Than Live, Rachel & Miles X-Plain The X-Men (previously on MetaFilter), and House to Astonish.

Each episode features the regular host(s) of one show discussing some overarching theme with 2-4 guests from the other podcasts. Thus far, we have:

The FanBros episode features two hosts of that show, DJ BenHaMeen and Chico Leo, plus Jay Rachel Edidin (X-Plain), Graeme McMillan (Wait, What), and Chris Sims (Ajax) talking about the oh-so-high-minded question of "who would win in a fight?"

The Into It episode is about great (and not-so-great) comic-book movies., with host Elle Collins and participants Edidin, Kieran Shiach (Misery) and Matt Wilson (Ajax).
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I'm listening to this event, & I think it's more interesting to discuss it as an event than to discuss the specifics of each podcast. (Not that there's anything wrong w/ each podcast, it's just covering more familiar ground.) Has anything like this been attempted before? The attempt to translate a comic book event into another medium is more more interesting to me than the minutae of the discussions.
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