The West Wing: Lord John Marbury   Rewatch 
August 5, 2014 7:11 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

As India prepares to invade the Pakistan-held Kashmir territory, Bartlet seeks the advice of an India expert; meanwhile, Josh testifies at a hearing.

The Kashmir border powderkeg becomes more explosive when the Indian army invades Pakistani-held territory, making the threat of a nuclear confrontation frighteningly real to President Bartlet, who calls in Lord Marbury, an eccentric British diplomat with ties to both warring nations -- and a weakness for booze. An angry Josh is subpoenaed to testify as the investigation into substance abuse among White House staffers grinds on towards its inevitable target: chief of staff Leo McGarry. Mandy floats a trial balloon among the staff to test their reaction to her notion of representing a liberal Republican. The President is surprised when Charlie asks him if he can date his willing daughter Zoey.

Airdate: January 5, 2000
Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Teleplay by: Aaron Sorkin & Patrick Cadell; Story by: Patrick Cadell & Lawrence O'Donnell
And here's yet another sub-plot about how Mandy is an idiot who doesn't deserve anyone's respect.
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and a weakness for booze

Not booze. Lagavulin. We must retain the finer distinctions.
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I suppose that's what I get for not writing my own summary.
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I absolutely love the grin that spreads on Leo's face when the President tells him Charlie wants to date Zoey. John Spencer is wonderful.

Note that two more references to Zoey being 19 occur in this episode: Leo states the age difference between her and Charlie (she's 19, he's 23), and the President reminds Charlie that she's 19 and the 82nd Airborne works for him.
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"Just remember these two things: she's nineteen years old and the 82nd Airborne works for me."
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I love Leo so much.
Leo and Bartlet head across the hall to THE OVAL OFFICE.

Zoey just walked right up to him and asked him out.

She's a very outgoing girl.

See, but a dungeon would have put an end to that.

We learn these lessons the hard way.

I think you're trying to cover up the fact that you're enjoying this.

I'm not trying to cover it up at all.

I'm a father in pain.

Well, really you're just a pain.
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Book of Revelation not Revelations

Bugs me every time. President Bartlet would not only know that he'd spend 15 minutes berating anyone who added the s.
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A weakness for paint thinner...
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Man, you could write a really great book about just the guest stars of this show. Roger Rees is so, so good as this guy who clearly would rather be a dissolute aristo, but almost by accident is also highly talented at statecraft.
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Yeah, that Revelations thing always makes me wince. And Bartlet would have not only known about the lack of an S; he also would have known the verse. Pulling quotes like that out of his ass is kinda his thing, plus he want to Catholic school.

Hey, remember when Roger Rees was on My So-Called Life as Vic the sub, and had that mystifying American accent?

I do like that once in a while there's someone in the White House who can treat Leo like the butler. "It's 'Your Lordship,' as a matter of fact, but it couldn't possibly make the least difference."

In conclusion, once again: Mandy? The worst.
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One word: GERALD!
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Roger Rees ass Lord John is so much fun, and oddly plausible.
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