Master of None: The Other Man
November 11, 2015 8:53 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Dev has the chance to hook up with a woman he meets at a party, but the opportunity comes with a few complications.
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Claire Danes was quite charming in this. While I thought her husband was over-the-top douchey with the ice cream (really, dude?), it interesting moral dilemma of "Do I care if her husband is an ass?"
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The thing that works so well about MON is that it challenges itself to have a sincere happy ending often. It's now both more difficult, more surprising and more satisfying than just making something depressing or weird.

Also I do love the lack of useless A/B story structure. It's one of the weakest aspects of a show like Girls or Looking (aside from the lack of jokes) is just meandering along with a character just because, hey, they're in the cast, let's give them something to do. Just tell whatever story you want to tell! Reminds me of classic sitcom writing in the 80s and 90s especially.
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DEV: You took the last sundae!

HUSBAND: So you fucked my wife?

Loved it.
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"If you care about our country's lakes and rivers, we should totally have sex right now."

Well, he eventually chose a new career, so I guess it worked.
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While I thought her husband was over-the-top douchey with the ice cream (really, dude?)...

He does admit that he was coked out of his mind, which clearly tied into the marital problems they were having anyway. It stuck out to me too until the reversal at the end.

I think this was my fave episode so far and (much to my chagrin) I think Eric Wareheim is brilliant directing these but rubbish as an actor. I haven't finished the whole thing yet so I won't dig this hole any deeper, but so far my only distaste has been for the eps that feature Arnold, especially over Brian or Denise.
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The thing with the percussive sound synced to static shots of details in the scene they did in this episode - I swear that's a reference to some classic film, possibly a Japanese one. Does that ring a bell for anyone? It's driving me bonkers.

It was really nice to see Noah Emmerich in a role where he gets to do something other than be an asshole bad guy. I was a great casting choice to leverage his history of playing assholes against his scene at the end after his realization.

Also, I now want Colin Salmon to be in everything!
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