Powers: F@#K the Big Chiller
November 11, 2015 11:28 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Wolfe has escaped prison, it is now up to Christian and Co to stop his reign of terror from sucking the life of all the power teens that took Sway.

Things wrap up, Wolfe is defeated, Royalle comes out on top; Walker has come to terms being Powerless, and Calista appears to have gotten what she wanted. As things are looking up for Walker, Kaotic Chic is on the move and we are left with a twist and a closing question...
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So, using this post to sum things up... I had enjoyed the Powers comics series, and was initially excited when the "TV" series was announced. Having it part of the push for Playstation to move into the streaming business was concerning, and it's apparent there wasn't a lot of money available to put into production values. I only dove into watching the series when WIl Wheaton announced he'd join the cast for Season 2.

There were some high points and bits of brilliance, but the scripts were rough and the plot disjointed. I never warmed up to Walker, and grew tired of him whining about getting his Powers back. I mentioned in another post that Comics-Walker was more resigned to the loss, and was more focused on the "Cop Shit".

It's probably a good sign that a second season is in production, and I hope more time, effort, and money is going into the production. It's an interesting concept with a lot of ideas to explore, the world just needs to be expanded beyond the limited scope Season 1 had to work within.
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Comics Walker was definitely a more interesting character with a more interesting backstory - I.e., immortal and amnesiac - but the comic is a lot more like a procedural.

I wonder what kind of character Wheaton will be playing?

IGN review

I love Calista as the orchid in a field of daisies.

I was sad to see Janis go! They did a great job developing that character. They earned an emotional payoff.
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