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Discussion for all of Season 3 of Reign.
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Okay, who else is still hanging in there with Reign? I'm a couple of episodes behind but hoping to catch up on my backlog tonight.
posted by Stacey at 4:22 PM on November 18, 2015

Oh my god I just watched the most recent episode and I have ~feels~ but I really don't want to spoil you and if it's just you and me here then I'll wait until you're caught up

oh my god reign what are you even doing
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Spoil away if you want, folks. I haven't watched the most recent yet but I did see a recap of it, so I know in broad outlines what happens.

(I did catch up to all but the most recent last night, and I have a lot of THOUGHTS about Narcisse and Catherine being in a different and even better / more hilarious show than everyone else.)
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Okay well

Why save Francis with magic just to kill him again literally the next episode? That's completely baffling. It feels like

a) they couldn't bear to have him die from a freaking ear infection instead of going down swinging
b) they couldn't figure out any other way to get all the other pieces in place the way they wanted

It also didn't really seem like Francis's wound was all that bad before he promptly collapsed and died. He got hit in the shoulder. I was waiting for a reveal of some other wound and it never came. I was also waiting for another walking this back somehow, because, come on, they just dodged death one episode ago. I didn't actually believe they were killing him for real until I saw the funeral procession, which kind of took me out of the whole end of the episode.
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Also, as a general comment about the season: I miss Kenna. Her estrangement from Bash always seemed forced, but I guess we know why now. I assume she wanted off the show and asked to be written out, but I've failed to find anything online talking about the circumstances under which she left. Anyone know anything? I'm tempted to start watching Please Like Me just to see more of Caitlin Stasey.
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I am catching up on episode 5 right as we speak.
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As poor Eyebrows knows, the stomach pumping is the part where I stopped my TiVo, started cackling delightedly, and went running to start this thread because OH MY GOD, THIS SHOW.

I was wondering the same thing about Kenna during my catch-up bingeing last night. I just went looking for information about whether she'll ever come back to Reign, and I turned up nothing, but I did find her Twitter account. Which appears to be relentlessly charming and I might suddenly really like her as a human being when I had no opinion on the subject five minutes ago.
posted by Stacey at 4:44 PM on November 19, 2015

Impressed by Mary's total inability to pull on a rope.

Yeah, Mary and Francis are clearly only this happy because Francis is going to die again -- WAIT NOSTRADAMUS IS BACK I AM EXCITE

I can't decide if they've circled back to Nostradamus's predictions because they always intended to come back to it, or because after totally ignoring the Pagan plot for all of season 2, they were so shocked to be renewed they didn't know what else to do. Also, I feel like Catherine would have figured out by now that trying to cheat fate just ends in a Greek tragedy every time.

Love the printed medieval form with neat lines for signatures labeled "king of france" and "queen of france."

The episode needs more Claude. Like, a lot more Claude.

My favorite thing about this show is when they wear their casual crowns into totally unnecessary situations, as if not everybody around the castle knows that Francis is the king. My second-favorite thing is probably how the servants are never there when they'd be helpful or someone needs protecting (LIKE WHEN THE KING AND QUEEN ARE RANDOMLY ASSAULTED IN THE RANDOM PAGAN FOREST), but ALWAYS there when someone's trying to have illicit sex.


OH STOP HAVING FEELINGS AT THE SKY NOSTRADAMUS GOD YOU ARE THE WORST. Also they should have given Mary a way, way larger room for her grief-shouting at the ambassador, the pacing isn't working. Also I love how everybody owns grief-tiaras.

(Guys I sincerely hope you read 13-year-old girl fan pages about this show I cannot tell you the depths of rage they are all currently in.)


Has ... has the guy wearing the obviously fake nose in the back of the funeral scene been in the show before and lost his nose in a prior plot and I just forgot? Or was that just ... there?
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Yeah, I found out that Caitlin Stasey is a pretty awesome person after she launched and did a bunch of interviews about feminism all over. Her twitter is a delight.
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I agree: more Claude forever.

Another thing I'm not thrilled about about: Greer's sudden shift from Madame to the Nobles to tavern owner. Her whole schtick was that she could move through the upper echelons of power. Her tavern is apparently good enough for the Dauphin to slum around in, but still doesn't seem like it's quite the same as the fancy place she was operating out of before.
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Okay I'm watching episode 6, so SPOILERS AHOY as I commentate

Amy seems like kind-of a dumb bitch, why wouldn't you just let Elizabeth sleep with your husband and pay you lots of money? Keeping your spouse away from the reigning monarch is a dumb-ass move, and Dudley doesn't really seem like a catch anyway. (Okay, Dudley is really terrible, and Amy is really stupid, and neither of them can support this plot.)

Narcisse marries a prude and then is totes shocked she's a prude. He should have made a run at Kenna!

THIS AMY PLOT JUST WENT RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF. (This is 100% why I watch this show.)

I'm delighted that Claude is back. Claude even gets the best music.


Catherine d'Medici is a powerful, brilliant sociopath with no moral compass. Mary Queen of Scots is a steady, idealistic young woman with a flare for finance. Together ... they SOLVE CRIME.

posted by Eyebrows McGee at 6:39 PM on November 21, 2015

Just caught up with last week's episode. Lola isn't even a prude though! She slept with Francis in what was sort of an "eh, why not" moment, and then got up to all manner of nonsense while she and Narcisse were circling each other. I don't buy it.

AV Club doesn't either:
By a significant margin, the saddest thing in this episode (strange in an episode ostensibly in the wake of mourning) is the out-of-nowhere reboot of Lola’s character post-marriage. She used to be the cleverest and, quietly, the least conventional of the handmaidens, and is now reduced to the bleatingly unhappy wife. Narcisse has to suggest they “broaden our erotic horizons” because she’s hesitant in bed? Wasn’t this the woman who had a boyfriend in the pilot, then had a no-strings fling with Francis? She outsmarted Catherine once. She killed a man! She’s been circumspect about Narcisse, but this prudish, oblivious Lola is coming out of nowhere
Also, Elizabeth was covered in spiders all episode.
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I liked her spider earrings so much I tried to buy them but they're from last year and no longer for sale. Boooooo!
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I'm actually watching an episode live in real time!
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 5:02 PM on December 4, 2015

Oh yeah, this game doesn't sound 100% rapey.

I've lost the thread on this whole Pagan psychic plot.

I dunno, this feels pretty disjointed for the first post-Francis episode. Lots of threads that don't tie together.

Totes believable slip and fall! Yet again the plot depends on servants never being where they're needed.

Argh, I had to leave the room, how did the Queen convince Narcisse to make out more?

Boy for a serial killer that dude is bad at throat-slitting.


Hahaha haha this Don Carlos plotline, thank God this episode went off the rails, it was getting too disconnected and dull. MARY DON'T DO IT THIS GUY IS CREEPY.

Hahaha nice work Narcisse.

Aaaaaack this is the creepiest scene I've ever seen on network. But God I love when Mary and Catherine team up. OMG THAT WAS THE BEST DEATH SINCE THE MEAT HOOK. Or apparently not death! Regardless, it rocked.
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I mean, I'm not even caught up yet, but assuming you mean Narcisse made out with the queen more? It's MEGAN FOLLOWS, how much convincing does it take to make out with Megan Follows? VERY LITTLE.
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oh my god that was amazing. The show's completely lost the plot with Lola and Greer and it sucks but oh my god that's the kind of sex-related death that this show excels at. I laughed for the last few minutes of that episode solid.
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Have finally caught up and I am cackling uncontrollably now. NARCISSE. CARLOS. OH MY GOD.

But we definitely need to rescue both Lola and Bash from their terrible plot lines.
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I love how Narcisse's hair gets more surfer bro by the week.
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The AV Club's review: Bash, after landing in the A-plot so hard it seems to have stunned him

I love how much Mary and Catherine respect each other now, it's great
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All I want in life is Megan Follows on my TV every week doing elaborate bloody costume changes while chewing scenery and plot info-dumping.
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Well, that was a whole season's worth of plot
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The AV Club review speaks my mind:
it becomes hard to get invested in these story lines when their speed is matched by a sense of the careening arbitrary in the characters. The fit Don Carlos pitches at the wedding means nothing. He was never even a two-dimensional character; that would have required another dimension. He was a dutiful prince, then a romantic who showed up at the wrong time, then he was a naughty punchline, then a living reminder of Mary’s mistake, then a moustache-twirling villain lusting for a throne, then a thwarted megalomaniac straight out of a Jem cartoon. He’s been in France for three episodes.
Our main plotline is all over the place, which would be fine if the (generally more consistent) B-plots were more interesting, so there was some kind of through-line. But nothing in England has really come together in any sort of compelling way, Bash's supernatural side show was interesting in season 1 but not really since then. Conflict over the regency is potentially the most interesting, but that's pretty stalled out this episode.
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Oh I forgot Claude's plotline. Everything with Claude is acceptable and good. More Claude. Give the entire show over to Claude and Catherine
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It's definitely time to trim down a few of these characters and plotlines with gory and unexpected deaths in bizarre fashion.

I give zero shits about Delphine and require more Bash in the main plots. And yes, much more Claude. (Thumbs up for Leith and his responsible attitude towards condoms! This is such a girly show.)

This Don Carlos denoument is weak. Catherine should have poisoned him privately but hilariously.
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Claude!
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Um, does anybody want to talk about how many people that finale just killed off?
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 6:34 PM on June 20, 2016

I am so many episodes behind that I may not catch up for months, but now I'm curious, and I don't mind being spoiled, so: Do tell! Who did they kill off?!?
posted by Stacey at 6:42 AM on June 21, 2016

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