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This is a masterpost for any Hannibal-related further reading (and viewing) material.

While we wait for Bryan Fuller to bless us with more Hannigram, let's compile resources to fuel our obsessive love of all things Hannibal. Interviews with cast and crew, articles, essays, blogs, and tumblrs are all welcome. If any members of the Cannibal Club have their own Hannibal-related tumblr or blog, this seems like a good place to share them.
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To get us started...

San Diego Comic Con 2013 with Bryan Fuller, Martha de Laurentiis, Hugh Dancy, and David Slade

San Diego Comic Con 2014 with Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Caroline Dhavernas, Steve Lightfoot, David Slade, Martha de Laurentiis, and Bryan Fuller (Here's another version, because I can't remember if one ends up being better quality than the other.)

Bryan Fuller interview at SDCC 2014.

San Diego Comic Con 2015 with Martha de Laurentiis, Richard Armitage, Hugh Dancy, and Bryan Fuller. This is a press panel that they did at SDCC as well.

Aaron Abrams and Scott Thompson at Dragon Con 2015 part 1 and part 2.

Hannibal Nerd HQ 2013 panel with Aaron Abrams, Bryan Fuller, David Slade, and Hugh Dancy.
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My absolute favorite interview is this Paley Fest panel with Caroline, Laurence, Mads, Hugh, and Bryan. I've watched it several times already.

These guys are so funny. For example, when they ask what Hannibal will be wearing in season 3, and Mads has this response, which then leads into this adorable Mads/Hugh moment.

It's unfortunately hard to find panels with the main cast (in particular, Mads is rarely on panels with the rest of them), so that's one of the reasons why I love this interview so much.

The holy grail that I have yet to find a video for is a 2013 TCA press tour interview with Bryan, Mads, Hugh, Caroline, and Laurence. I've found some articles about it like this one, but despite furious googling, I've yet to find video footage of the full panel which makes me a very sad fannibal.
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Now for a spotlight on Mads:

Mads (and Katharine Isabelle) at Monster Mania 2014

Mads at the 2014 Edmonton Expo part 1 and part 2

Mads at Horror Hound 2014

Mads at Shanghai Comic Con 2015 day 1 and day 2 (Here's a different version of day 2: part 1 and part 2

Mads at the Canada Fan Expo 2015 part 1 and part 2
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I do indeed maintain a Hannibal Tumblr (also a regular non-Hannibal Tumblr, linked in my profile if anyone is interested, but most of my Tumblr friends are non-Fannibals so I decided to spare them the obsession.) I'm not sure it's super-exciting to follow unless you are looking for updates when I post stuff on AO3 since I don't update the fic thread here for every single chapter, but anyway, it's there.
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Not sure if this is the best thread for it but I don't know of a better one:

There's an AskMe question about Hannibalian architecture today, which I cannot answer, but maybe one of you can? Figured I'd cross-link it here in case some of yinz don't live on the Green.
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Another auction. Phwoar.

At least I know the female cast are tiny tiny slivers of human beings, so I'd never ever be able to wear any of their dresses.

That said: the Leg Dinner gown is blue? They made it look black onscreen - Wendigo black, even - and I doubt that was unintentional.

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, here's the catalog of the last auction.

What surprises me there: Alana's Mizumono dress went for only $450? Wat? That is a really popular dress because it was also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. And those wrap dresses are wearable for a few sizes bigger than the label. I don't understand why there wasn't a big tug of war over it. Whereas this dress, which wasn't even seen on screen and is from a mall chain, plus which it's sized extra small and isn't going to be wearable for a bigger size - that dress went for $525. I don't get it.
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A propos of which, here is a metapost of Everything Hannibal Wore

plus another one on everything Mason wore in S2.
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Hey you guys! Frederick Chilton's bestselling book Hannibal the Cannibal is now available for purchase!!!
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Not to mention that it's time for you all to rush out and preorder your Hannibal cookbook
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