Breaking Bad: Cat’s in the Bag   First Watch 
August 7, 2014 11:24 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Walt and Jesse attempt to tie up loose ends. The desperate situation gets more complicated with the flip of a coin. Walt’s wife, Skyler, becomes suspicious of Walt’s strange behavior.
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I started watching the series for the first time recently. I hope FanFare'll catch up with me, so I'll have the episodes fresh in my mind.

That being said, I refreshed my memory by reading a episode synopsis on, and this episode is a fairly dark one. I think my wife was tempted to give up the whole series, as it's quite brutal in places. She stuck it out, though, and is happy with this decision, as we're starting season 3 and enjoying seeing the series together.

I liked the different viewpoints on the situation from the two main characters. And I liked that this episode pretty much established that Skyler has agency and is not just window dressing in the series.
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Unlike Harald74's wife, I really did give up on Breaking Bad after this episode. I just restarted this week, and am also enjoying it. But those first two episodes left me cold and uninterested.
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