Anyone for "The Man in the High Castle?"
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Is anyone else planning to watch this? Would it be worth asking for it to be added to Fanfare?

I actually haven't even seen the pilot yet, but I know the first(/only?) series was released on Friday. It seems to scratch a bunch of "things Alterscape is interested in" itches (PKD, alternate history, etc). It's Amazon, so the entire series is now up for streaming; suppose we'd need a schedule if we were planning to group-watch it. One episode per week? Two episodes per week, like the Star Trek rewatches? Nobody cares and I should just journal about it? Your income welcome!
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Thanks for bringing it up!

I watched the pilot before it was picked up and the second episode when it became available a few weeks ago. I'm definitely going to be watching.

I was considering making a post here on the season as a whole. And probably with the book included, which seems like a minor point, since I can't imagine the first season won't cover as much ground as the novel.

I'm not very good at scheduling shows when the entire thing drops like this, but it doesn't feel like a show I want to burn through, with hour-long episodes that are rather heavy.

So maybe I could do a, say, two-episode a week thing, if others are into it.
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I'm watching the show right now, and I'd love to see discussion of it!
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I haven't started watching yet but would like to follow on Fanfare.
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Definitely. I'm a little annoyed that it came out the same day as Jennifer Jones but I'll be watching it within the next few weeks.
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I would be up for this. The first two episodes have been fantastic.
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I was just looking for a discussion of Man in the High Castle. I watched the pilot when it came out and caught the second episode yesterday - definitely a show worth discussing.
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Just binged watch and it is definitely worthy of discussion. Any discussion should allow conversation about the book, too.
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I guess I'll recuse myself from this until I finish the Amazon series, then -- I have not read the book yet, and I'd prefer not to spoil any twists. Good luck with the discussion!
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I did not understand that Books Included meant that you could talk about the entire book starting with the first episode of the TV series. That seems too stringent and as if it would fracture an already small following.

I'd love to discuss the show in the context of the books, but that could be done in a different place.
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I'd be fine with participating in a book-included discussion that stuck to information known in the show world by the end of the episode under discussion. That sounds like it could be really awful in terms of restrictions for people who have already finished the book, though! It sounds like I'm in the minority for this one, though, in terms of the folks who've posted here, so I think the respectful thing for me to do is hold off on reading until I'm through the show. Don't want to handicap the bigger discussion because I'm uncultured, as it were.
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The Amazon pilot was added as a movie, but I got in touch with the mods and asked for it to be converted into a series now the episodes are out. First episode is here, second one here.
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Oh, wow, I had no idea there was a post on the first episode already.

Since these episodes were posted generally (no Show Only or Books Included markings) does that mean there should be essentially no discussion of the book, or that those familiar with the books should take care to avoid spoiling anything that may come up in future episodes?
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I think there's quite a lot of divergence between book and tv series, from what I can discern by skimming plot summaries. If there's a lot of discussion per episode, we could add a General Discussion thread that could include book spoilers.
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And I'll note after having read the entire thread on the first episode... people go into book spoilers, starting about 2/3rds of the way in. It is announced with "Spoilerish for the book:"
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Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't create that first thread so I'm not able to add 'Books included' to it.
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Anyone interested in episode-by-episode? I've done the first two and later episodes get pretty complex, so it might be good to have a bit of space to talk about each one.
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I'd enjoy episode by episode. There's a lot to unpack with each.
posted by toomanycurls at 9:55 AM on December 1, 2015

Next episode up here.
posted by Happy Dave at 5:41 AM on December 2, 2015

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