We Bare Bears: Season 1
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We follow the brothers Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear, trying to make it in the big city. A lot happened this season!

The show is based on the web comic The Three Bare Bears by Daniel Chong.

In addition to the aired episodes, there are a few shorts on YouTube:
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There wasn't a huge amount of discussion in the individual episode threads, so I'm posting this full season thing until the MeFi community gets its act together and starts watching this show.
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Oh my god, the episodes with the bears as cubs were almost physically painful with how cute they were. TOO CUTE. THE CUTEST. Ahem. Anyway, I find this show really charming. Love the accuracy and affection of the Bay Area setting, and how sweetly mundane the bears' problems are.
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Sorry I trailed off after a few episodes. I started to feel very keenly, for a while there, the time and effort issues inherent with writing up both Last Week Tonight and MSK3K, plus running weekly shows for MSTClub.

WBB is such a sweet-natured show, and I hear its ratings on Cartoon Network are pretty good! I think the bears' future is set.
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No worries, JHarris. And I hear that the show has been renewed for a second season, so things are indeed looking great!

It's difficult to pick a favorite episode. But I liked the episodes which looked some more into the bears on their own as well as a group (Everyday Bears, where we follow each bear during a day; Brother Up, where Panda becomes top bear), although the group dynamics obviously are a part of pretty much every episode. I also like the Chloe episodes. The first episode we meet her is hilarious, but I also loved My Clique where the bears help her make friends. I don't know what it is but the "sad Chloe" voice that Charlyne Yi does sounds so sad it breaks my heart. And those baby bears are adorable.
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The best episode is clearly the one with the magical denim jacket.
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That is a good one yes, but to me it seemed almost like more of a Regular Show episode than We Bare Bears.
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Maybe I should elaborate. This is what I think of most of the current big cartoon shows, distilled down to a sentence:

Regular Show: The life and work of slackers with normal kinds of problems that, somehow, always escalate into hyperbolic supernatural adventures.
We Bare Bears: Everyday life with three bears who both do, and don't, manage to fit in with the people of San Francisco.

Adventure Time: Light continuity, light-hearted, wondrous D&D adventures of a kid and his dog/friend while growing up in a post-apocalyptic world.
Steven Universe: Heavy continuity, sweet-natured stories of a kid growing up who is somehow both a normal human child and a magical alien being, and how he learns about both his heritages.
Gravity Falls: Heavy continuity weirdness concerning two best-friend siblings during their bizarre summer vacation in a mysterious Oregon town.
Teen Titans Go!: Silly comic shenanigans with teen superheroes.
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I think the end of Brother Up with the tower of wolves veered a bit into that Regular Show area as well.

One thing about the show I'm not totally sold on are Nom Nom and Charlie. I'm not quite sure why; something about them rubs me the wrong way. I wonder if part of it is that they're antagonists in a way that the bears are not great at handling, combined with them being not just one-off challenges but recurring ones.

Oh, and there's the official crew tumblr, which has sketches and promo drawings.
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Every insecure and awkward yet genuinely nice intellectual of any capacity can find themselves sorted into one of three categories - Griz, Panda or Ice Bear. One of the things that makes the show so amusing is in how each of the brothers fails to live up to their archetype when it comes to comedy, and one of the things that makes the show so endearing is that they live up to their archetype when interacting with friends and family in the best way.

I, myself, am a Griz. Not proud of it, not ashamed of it, just is.

Charlie and NomNom in the early episodes are set up as a foil, but they deepened the characters in the most recent season. NomNom's arc isn't really that interesting even tho they put a lot of effort into it, but Charlie, you really get who he is and where he's coming from.

Chloe is simply the best Mary Sue of all time, and her Evil Chem 101 Prof, Lampwick, has the best Pratchett-like line ever... "You are not the first student to abduct me to get a better grade, but you are the first to get it right!"

Also, Tabes. Ranger Tabes is the best. How talented is she? She was actually making a living selling pine-cone crafts online before she became a Ranger again.
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