Once Upon a Time: Broken Heart
November 30, 2015 8:36 AM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

In Camelot, Hook becomes a Dark One and reignites his quest for revenge against Rumpelstiltskin. In Storybrooke, Hook challenges Gold and sets a darker plan in motion.
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I know I shouldn't make this complaint about this show, but I really don't understand what's going on with Hook. He's so angry about being the Dark One that he decides to summon a whole army of old Dark Ones from beyond the grave so that they can all be really really Dark? I don't understand the motivation.

Also what does it even mean to be the Dark One anymore? It's apparently something that Emma can more or less control and Hook doesn't succumb to until it's revealed that he is a Dark One, so what does it mean?
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lily sparks always does entertaining reviews but this one brought up everything i had a problem with. most of all:
...truly I have given up pointing out plot holes or really even acknowledging them, but I am flabbergasted that the show would make Hook this unlikable, mostly because I fear they're going to hand wave it away later and be like, "Oh yeah, sure he did that shitty thing but that was when he was the Dark One." But like, they better not, because now they've written it so that being the Dark One is essentially all in his mind.
it's amusing watching him insult emma, i guess, if you like that sort of thing (which i do if it's a relationship i like) but without any consequences this is gross. this is like if you took the boringness of the frozen arc and crossed it with the likability of an MRA. it's a family show! *looks at watch* time to kill off another PoC!

aside from hook i guess i was ok-ish with the rest of it. emma/regina on the couch, nobody trusting emma. i enjoyed emma reclining on the couch eyerolling at merida's threats. i bet a lot of people aren't feeling her DO-ness acting-wise. her cold n creepy isn't threatening enough. i think it works better the less serial killer and the more human she is. the disdain towards merida, the eyerolling at rumple trying to win the duel honorably, the petulance during couch talk with regina. things normal emma would feel the need to hide and one of the burdens she's happy to throw off as a dark one.

belle dumping rumple felt random?

favorite "line" of the episode: BABY HOOD. i'm ignoring any uncomfortable feelings about watching this crack team of writers handle a custody battle over a baby conceived through rape/deception. i have no more fucks to give after an entire half season of hook and emma sucking face to defeat darkness.
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belle dumping rumple felt random?

I spent the entire scene assuming that, once again, someone had stolen dopey Belle's dopey heart and was making her do this, like probably this was Hook's plan all along, to let Rumple win the duel and then have Belle leave him as the real revenge. Partially, people are constantly showing up at that well to get dumped by Regina or whomever has their significant other's heart, like, I'm pretty sure that's what the well is actually for at this point, it's the town "having your heart broken by evil magic in the form of your loved one" spot, like the local equivalent of makeout point but for hapless adults with no pattern recognition abilities instead of just idiot teenagers.
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This episode is BULLSHIT.

First - the show has done a really good job showing that becoming a Dark One, and being a dark one, doesn't autowipe the love you have, especially for your immediate family and dearest loved ones. I do not fucking believe, and am actually angry they had the show write, a "Now I'm going to twist the dagger and break Emma's heart because I can, suck it, Snow!" A fight? Sure. A bitter, deep fight? Sure. But not this ugly a fight. This is shit that he can't reasonably come back from. I wouldn't take this guy back. Without some fucking handwaving that will also anger me, neither should she.

Second, I am one THOUSAND percent not comfortable with the shit they are doing with Baby Hood and how they are presenting it as right and just. Yes, rape is bad and wrong, but "I don't consent to this baby, so I'm going to steal it for me and my girlfriend to raise and we are going to look like princes the whole time"? No.

Good job whoever it was that called that Hook would kill Merlin, though it seemed like it was done just...meh?

Also yeah, I wanted to react more to Belle but this show has had so many switcheroos about "hahah it was just MAGIC making me act like that" that I fundamentally cannot trust it on these kind of heavy emotional beats.

And color me in as someone who thinks there is no point thus far to what Hook wants, and it sucks.
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corb sweetie don't watch the next episode save yourself. this doesn't count as a spoiler does it? am enjoying watching you make your way through the episodes. the anger it grows
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Tooooooooooooo laaaaaaaaaaaaate I was biiiiiiiiiinging why god why.
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