Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I Was Made To Love You   Rewatch 
December 2, 2015 9:58 PM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Reeling from Spike's feelings, Buffy attempts to connect with Ben. A strange, strong girl is looking for Warren, and it turns out she's a robot of his design.
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So what makes this episode remarkable are the last moments of course. This is the last episode about romance we will have, with Buffy thinking of dating the charismaless Ben, and Joyce dating the unfortunate Brian. Buffy will realise that maybe she's not ready for romantic love (a realisation she will have... again... in Season 7) just in time to have the floor kicked out from underneath her.

On a rewatch, Warren really was and always is creepy. Here I don't think you're meant to complete hate him, but he's as comptemptible as he'll ever be, and his telling Trina to "shut up" indicates his lack of respect for women in general. What are we to make of April's story? In a way, April's narrative is almost a "nice guy" narrative, in that she's been a really good girlfriend but the person she wasn't isn't interested in her, so she's going to make him be interested. But, to make things more complex, Warren's behaviour was disgusting and a little bit abusive. He's made a person with feelings so intense that they cause her physical pain, then left her to rot when a new opportunity arises. [Note, it is utterly unclear why he couldn't have just switched her off.]

-What does Buffy do with the April corpse, sitting on a swing? That's a fun discovery for the kids next morning!
-"Crying is blackmail, good girlfriends don't cry."
-She has a windows interface. Told you Warren was evil
-"I made you 5 sweaters"
-Giles to Spike: "There is no way to Buffy."
-"I miss Oz. He'd get it... he wouldn't say anything, but he'd get it."
-Tara and Anya discuss money
-"I've had it with super strong women who aren't me."
-Ben gave Buffy Glory's number. At this point he knows Dawn is the key, and that Glory is trying to find her. What the goddamn hell is wrong with him?
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-What does Buffy do with the April corpse, sitting on a swing? That's a fun discovery for the kids next morning

My headcanon is that Willow brought her home to study, and that (along with her covert experiments on Ted's hand) is how Willow was able to repair/reprogram the Buffybot later on. And maybe she was cannibalized for spare parts for the Buffybot. (My headcanon can be kind of brutal.)
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"She speaks with a strange evenness and chooses her words a bit too precisely." There isn't much Anya in this episode but what there is is like, the best Anya.
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