Harry Potter rewatch (and/or reread)
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Are people interested in doing a HP movie rewatch and/or doing a reread of the books? For the movies I think once a week would be a good frequency and once a month if we do the books. Let me know if you're interested and what frequency sounds palatable.

If you've never read the books before, this could be a good reason to read them now and same with the movies. I'd really like to compare the books and films, discussing the films both as standalone media and as adaptations of other media. Character and plot analysis are also interesting to me as discussion items.
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Afterthought: if we do the books and movies, discussing the book and then the movie in sequence makes sense.
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I have never seen nor read any Harry Potter. I'd be interested in this club.
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I read one harry potter novel and was not impressed. I love the movies, but the books not so much.
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So in! Books, movies, or both!
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I'd be in, but primarily if it was a reread/spoilers included talk.
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We could do an entire series discussion that has spoilers. If there are people going through everything for the first time it would be nice to keep the book and movie discussions spoiler free.
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Oh, miss-lapin, the first one is a kid's book! The genius of that series is that the target audience changes as the character ages. They're so complex and adult by the end.

Needless to say, I am all over this idea.
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I have the books on the kindle for when I'm really feeling 14 and if there's one on instant view during a bought of insomnia I'll let it run, so I'll chime in. Still waiting for the Potter version of the star wars holiday special, perhaps if the bill murray special does well netflix will be inspired.
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If people want a spoiler-free discussion, that's fine, but I am probably not so interested in that, having done it at the time.
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It sounds like a reread with spoilers and books included movie discussion would do well. I think I'll start the books Jan 15 and the movies on Jan 22 (with Sorcerer's Stone) and start the next book and movie on the 15th/22nd of February.

I'll also start a club in the next few days to get this on the fanfare calendar.
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Yay! I am in for both reread and rewatch.
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The club has been posted. Tell yo friends!
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I'm currently reading all the HP books and am at Goblet of Fire, so I'd quite enjoy talking about them and also expounding on my fanfic theory that the Dursleys are entirely justified in their behaviour at all times and are in fact the heroes of the story.

Book Film Book Film Book Film..... order is fine by me.
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Would it be okay if we changed the title of the upcoming discussions to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone?

It's the original, author preferred title and the title it was released with in the UK. Rowling was not happy with the change and says that she would have resisted it had she been in a position to at the time.

"Does it bother you that in America they changed the names of your books?
They changed the first title, but with my consent. To be honest, I wish I hadn't agreed now, but it was my first book, and I was so grateful that anyone was publishing me I wanted to keep them happy..."

Also a Philosophers Stone is actually a thing.
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Certainly. I'll confess that I use the two interchangeably and rarely write more that PS/SS so it was a slightly arbitrary choice to use one over the other. As long as I don't hit length restrictions in the event title, I'll use the Harry Potter and the [book title] format for the events and discussions.
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I stalled out in the middle of trying to read the French editions, midway through Goblet of Fire, so I will definitely be joining in on this (and occasionally commenting on the best translation puns).
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First movie discussion is posted! The titles for movies are pulled from imdb where it is only called Sorcerer's Stone.
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