Bob's Burgers: Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town – Part I)
May 12, 2014 7:46 AM - Season 4, Episode 21 - Subscribe

The Brothers Fischoeder have competing plans for the town: one wants to revamp the aging wharf amusement park, the other wants to put up condos. Loyalties will be divided! Carousel ponies will be euthanized! Screams will be cained!

And, perhaps most incredibly of all, the opening credits do not happen, and the closing credits feature Linda singing a James Bond-style theme, complete with silhouette animation.
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The musical scene was a real gem, and makes me think in the future they'll do an all-musical episode like Buffy did. This episode was so good I didn't even care that it was a 2-parter.
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I'm usually not big on musicals, but a Bob's Burgers musical episode would be fantastic.

I bet no one could miss the Burger of the day: The Saffron Saff-off Burger.

And that little exchange about saffron made me realize that Mort is hardly ever around anymore. He and Teddy used to sit together at the counter a lot more often, but I see that this is only the fourth time this season that he's been in an episode.
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Loved the musical scene!
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The Belchers are under my skin like no recent TV family. I want Bob to have his fancy burger place by the beach. I want Tina to keep her horse. I want Louise to get let on the roller coaster. I want Linda to get to spend that condo money. I want Gene to continue to be Gene - the most accurate portrayal of a creative middle child I've ever seen (shout out to my younger brother and his Casio keyboard).

The fact that these different wants contradict each other but nobody is really the "bad guy" speaks to just how on fire this show has been this season.

And I don't think Bob is going to get shot but damn if I didn't gasp a bit when the gun was pulled.

(The musical number and closing credits sequence also made me make noises of joy.)
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And I don't think Bob is going to get shot but damn if I didn't gasp a bit when the gun was pulled.

Oh, that reminds me: "Yes, it's where I keep my bullets" is one of the best lines of the year, and now I want it said on every show.
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Poor Mr. Goiter. He's up in wooden pony heaven.
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At least he's together with his friends: Lady Big Nose, Mr. Down There Hair, Harry Human Feet and Dr. Big Butt.
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I somehow missed seeing Harry Human Feet's feet. I really need to go back and re-watch the episode, so I can see just how human Human Feet's feet are.
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The Behind Bob' Burgers blog linked to a Rolling Stone piece where Loren Bouchard (the show's creator) has written some comments on his favorite episodes, and then at the end of the comments on Topsy he writes:
The Season Five premiere is a full-blown, wall-to-wall musical episode.

I'm already looking forward to what they do with it!
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Jordan Peele voiced Fanny (Felix's 29 year old girlfriend!) with his Meegan voice from Key & Peele in this episode, and while I always think the Meegan sketches in K&P go on a bit too long for the character it works great in an animated series. This show really knows how to use guest stars well, fitting them to a character that works instead of throwing them in just for the name recognition.
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One of the things I love most about Bob's Burgers is how much it scratches my Home Movies itch, both with the voice actors and the way the kids are sometimes more grown up than the adults.

"I've been saving up for the Pontiac Solstice!" was my favorite line.
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This show is brilliant, and I feel like I should watch each episode at least twice because there is just so much going on - jokes come from everywhere all the time, and frequently run over each other.

I loved the names for all the carousel horses that Tina had; and I loved the fact that Bob forgets his wallet, so the kidnap victim has to pay for his own kidnapping lunch.

“You can’t just leave a kidnapping to shop, this isn’t Florida!”
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I just have to add that I thought it was really weird that the deformed horses were wooden. I remember shoddy cheap deformed plastic toys from when I was little. With plastic I can understand weird things happening because at some point the material has been fluid and malleable and might have taken too long to cool, or bumped against something. With wood you really have to make an effort to shape something. How do you have a shop that turns out deformed wooden horses? The human feet I can understand, because you might make horses and humans (and other animals) and make the body parts separate and then put them together at the end, and somehow glue the wrong parts together. But a goiter ... ?
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That made it even more hilarious to me. Hell, Mr. Goiter could have been fixed by any halfway competent woodworker. Clearly, Mr. Fischoeder wanted his carousel populated by deformed horses.
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Jordan Peele voiced Fanny
I knew I recognized it, but I was convinced it was Nick Kroll.
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