Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 1): Could'a, Would'a, Should'a   Rewatch 
December 11, 2015 11:46 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Moya collides and becomes fused with a wormhole research vessel, leaving the crew to try and determine a way out before Moya and Pilot die from the damage. This episode marks Jool's first appearance.[via]
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The aliens fell flatly into the "I want to spray you with water," which I don't know if that means I want to gently reprimand them or hope they dissolve into goo and die. I have a strong hit or miss record with this show's aliens. I've already started watching the second episode, so I'll try not to mention those events.

That said, RYGEL. Geez, man, your self preservation elements turn you into a super freaking jerk at times.

JOOL. Perhaps the most annoying scream in the history of 21st Century television. There's no way they didn't set the character up to be annoying, but they did too job of it. She should have been a sympathetic character from the start, after all, her cousin and countryman, DEAD, and she basically frozen time traveled 22 years into the future so to speak. I really should have thought, "Man, it sucks to be her. I feel bad." But, her arrogance plus the scream was just too much. It's a big miss that should have at least been something of a hit.

Poor Moya and Pilot. And John? ALWAYS CHOOSE MOYA, regardless. Stark staring at Aeryn was kind of creepy. Hrm. Stark has space and personal issues.
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These two episodes kind of irritate me since everyone blames John for the predicament that they're in. I know that he's obsessed with wormholes to the point that he does briefly prioritize that knowledge over Moya, but it's not really his fault that they collided with the pathfinder vessel (I don't think it's anyone's fault).

I think the creators wanted to make the anti-Zhaan with Jool, and they succeeded. She is completely the opposite of Zhaan. Maybe not the best choice when it turns out to annoy the audience, though...

The Stark/Aeryn thing is being set up as a thread of his growing attachment/obsession with her, which continues through Season 3. He definitely has space and personal issues!

Mild spoiler: Also, speaking of Interions, how come they are closer genetically to humans that Sabaceans? That genetic closeness is why they used the Interion brain fluid for John. I wish that had been explained since the resemblance/relationship between Humans and Sabaceans is explained in Peacekeeper Wars.
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