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December 13, 2015 7:58 PM - Season 6, Episode 21 - Subscribe

A mystery involving two skeletons leads the agents on a journey in which nothing is quite as it seems.
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In my headcanon, Mulder and Scully died in this episode and the remaining three seasons and movie are a long, complex shared hallucination they created together in their death throes.

Really, though. This episode could have been the series finale of this show and I don't think I would be upset about that. I mean, at the time I would have been upset about it because X-Files was my fucking life and I wanted it to last 100 years, but in retrospect, ending the show with an episode that follows the X-Files formula so perfectly (even beginning with a grisly slideshow!), meditates on exactly what it was about Mulder and Scully's relationship that made it work so well, made them need one another so badly, made them a great investigative team, a great friendship, and damned fine television for six incredible years...and then kills off the leads of a show about paranormal phenomena with nothing more than sheer bad luck with a carnivorous fungus? Would have been an insanely ballsy move. This would have been a legendary series finale. And X-Files would have gone out at the very top of its game.

I mean, I'm not saying the episode as-is would have been a completely satisfying end to the show. But I am saying that the episode as-is would have been a more satisfying ending than the one we got.

Instead the show limped along three more years and another feature film, partially shedding both leads and much of the creative team and a huge chunk of its audience, snowballing an increasingly incoherent and byzantine mythology, and offering unsatisfying answers to questions many people were no longer interested in asking. I literally went to my room and cried after a few of the episodes in season 9, and vowed that the single time I watched the series finale would be the only time. I stuck with this damn show to the bitter end out of loyalty and stubbornness, not because I was having fun, and not because anyone else seemed to be, either.

So yeah. As far as I'm concerned, the show ends here. And I'm glad, by total random luck of the draw, that this episode ends my own personal planned rewatch. Couldn't have picked a better one if I'd tried :) and while I'm sure I watched this episode when it aired, I had only the vaguest recollection of what it was like.

Thanks to all the Mefites who've beanplated the show with me for the last few months! Hope to see you in the inevitable FanFare threads about the new episodes next month :)
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