Transparent: Mee-Maw
December 15, 2015 2:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Davina and Shea inspire Maura to re-imagine her past; Colton's adopted family visits, leaving Josh facing a touch decision; Ali finds herself more drawn to Leslie; Sarah tries visiting a life coach.
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As hard as she can be to watch at times, I appreciated Sarah correcting the life coach who said, "for all intensive purposes." I muttered the same thing to the tv screen, and it's always nice when characters take my cues.
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I agree about the correction. I thought a similar thing with the conversation with the word 'gala' too. Everything for her is falling apart, she sees it, she notes the errors, but is ill equipped to deal with it at the moment. She has no one. She had no one on her side at the wedding. Her acting out loudly after everything and everyone pushing from every direction is so good. She's doomed to fail in her world right now. She can't keep up with the kid's stuff. Her free life coach classes come with hostility while she gets accused of being hostile for just winning the raffel. That coach can't even be bothered to learn her actual name. Who is the hostile one here?! No wonder she feels crazy. And she can't even get a joint without someone commenting on her hotness, which you know SHE doesn't feel that right now. She not looking for that. But there it is. And her exes so woven into her life in the most painful ways. She cannot catch a break.

Josh broke my heart in this episode. Colton is so honestly open and sweet. Rachel tells Josh beforehand, we are good people as if they didn't need to worry about their impression. But Colton's adopted parents came with lots of judgement just boiling under the surface. Josh can't even believe yet how he was victimized by Colton's birth mom. Those crazy adoptive parents expected him and Rachel to work with Josh's abuser. And they tried to fit Rita in so they could get to know Colton which was of course not even workable. That look on Josh's face as Colton left and Rachel standing there? So heartbreaking.

Mora accused her children of all being so self centered last season, but they learned it from her. At least she now seems to be figuring out she doesn't want to be with the ex-wife in her condo. Her honking at that locked gate and not being able to get out was a nice metaphor for how trapped she was in that situation, in that relationship.

Everything is so beautifully sad, hopeful and worriesome at the same time. I like all of these characters so much. I like all their flaws. I like their troubled histories. I want them to be happy!
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