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The crew of Moya come across a diseased Leviathan used by the Peacekeepers as a prison for the criminally insane. It has been taken over by an individual who "twins" the humanoid inhabitants of the ship and uses them as a food source.[via]
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And...here's the episode that changes the course of Farscape for the rest of this season and most of season 4. Another hard one to watch, though, since I'm not a horror fan. More comments later...
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Is at "an" horror fan?
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Only if you drop the "h".

Vital plot developments occur! Hard to watch, as you say.
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This was an odd one, and one that I think could have definitely been much more frightening and suspenseful if they had more time and money to throw at it. I pained with sympathy for the pilot, but at the same time, he was so out of it from the pain, that it was hard to really connect with him as much as I would have liked. I think they probably should have gone with a much more dark, somber and bitter pilot, than the one they had.

I had remembered the two Johns, but I had failed to remember how it happened. The ending was terribly depressing with the two of them playing paper rock scissors against each other. I do like how the effect used had the appearance of cellular mitosis, that was an extremely clever idea.

Jool, well, can't even blast her own head off. Nice Jool. Chiana, for as much as they try to make her come across as a tough character, inexplicably does stupid things at times and this was one of them. She has every opportunity to shoot the duplicated PKs before they got close enough to stab her, but decided to use her rifle as a club. C'MON, CHIANA. I'm only critical because I think she shot one before that scene, so it wasn't as if she was hesitant about killing one.
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Remember my comment about the Season of Death? So far this season, the following main characters have died or were already dead: Aeryn, Zhaan, D'Argo, and Chiana. And, we're not done, yet!

There have been a lot of theories about the twinning and why if the replicas are the same, do they degrade over time. Here is my theory: When someone is twinned, it creates two new beings, each a tiny percentage less than the original--the "original" John no longer exists, just the two Johns that were twinned from him (which are both John Crichton). The difference is so infinitesimal that genetic tests can't detect it (as we see in the next episode). But over time, the process starts to take it's toll so that those tiny amounts add up and each successive twinning sees the degradation of both of the beings from the twinning. It's not as though the original is still OK, and the twinned one is less.

I usually post Tuesdays and Fridays, but with Christmas and New Year's Day on Fridays, I'm only going to post on Tuesday for the next couple of weeks. So the next post will be December 29 and then January 5. After than we'll go back to the Tuesday and Friday schedule. Hey, it makes Farscape last longer! We're almost a third of the way through season 3 : (.

Have a great holiday and happy new year!
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The whole "two Johns" arc which this episode kicked off is one of the better explorations of personality duplication in TV or movies. The idea that the two Johns are equivalent, that neither is the "original" and both have an equivalent claim on his legacy, was very different and more interesting than the usual ID and kill the bad one trope.
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The droning, echoing brass in the soundtrack is a nice touch. I feel like I've heard that used in other horror films.
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I just love Gigi Edgely's performance in this one.
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I do not often find myself agreeing with Jool, but I feel that for this episode, it is entirely apposite to quote her immortal commentary:

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One of my favorite Chiana lines comes from this episode. IIRC, John or someone asks "would two of you be a bad thing?". Her eyes widen slightly at the possibilities and she says breathily, "Oh, that so depends."
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