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The second season of the Amazon series Transparent.
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I linked this in the sidebar, but Alan Sepinwall did an episode-by-episode review in one post here.
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I loved spotting Tig Notaro, and glad she popped up a bit more as the season went on. And as odd as it was, I really liked the closing scene (cant remember which episode) of Sarah (Amy Landecker who reminds me of Amy Brenneman) naked eating from the fridge, because it's such a real vulnerable depressed thing to do.
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I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this season. I liked the first season well enough but not so well that I rushed to watch this season (or even had it on my radar) until I saw it start popping up here.

I have mixed feelings about the Weimar stuff but in the end it worked for me, and more than that I'm glad that this is a show that takes risks on doing weird things because they so often pay off. I would have liked to see it in German and am curious if that was more of a practical decision or an artistic one.
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I just caught up with this. I enjoyed the first season, and I wondered where the storyline could go once Maura was finally living as a woman. I really liked the turns this season took. The storylines were complex at times, and the characters weren't always easy to like. They came over as fully-rounded people, warts and all. I liked the Berlin scenes and the juxtaposition of the 1930s characters with the 2015 ones.

Amy Landecker also reminds me very much of Amy Brenneman.
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Tig Notaro was in the first season too, according to IMDb, but her credits only list her as Barb. Is she Len's sister? I don't remember her introduction in season 1.
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I found the second season more uneven than the first. The Weimar sections felt really heavy handed to me (only missing a voiceover to announce "Here is the symbolism, folks!") though I am as big a sucker for melodrama as anyone.

I agree about the fridge scene, and overall I liked how Sarah's character grew and changed in this season, as well as how Maura's character was allowed to become much more imperfect. Buzz cracked me up (the steaks!), but I got more and more frustrated with Ali -- I think that was intentional by the writers, but it was actively painful to watch at times.
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Barb is Tammy's wife, then ex-wife, though I didn't recognize her until the second season.

I rewatched the first season before plowing through the second, so I was very confused by flashbacks embarrassingly long time. Since young Rose was played by the same actress as young Ali and her mother was played by the friendly woman at crossdressing camp, I kept thinking it was some kind of fantasy sequence that I missed the point of. And that's without me even noticing that Bradley Whitford was back!
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I am flipping amazed that this show is on TV anywhere. All those female faces and non-buff bodies! Sexy lesbians over 50! What happens when you are over 50, still a sexual being, and have to make sense of your new body?

Loved Alex Billings' character when she flipped off Moira about her choice of bed partner: hey lady, some of us don't have a lot of freedom on the playing field here and I'm not stupid. I hope the two characters reconcile but Moira and her family have a black belt in obnoxious and oblivious.

Grateful to Jill Soloway and crew as well as to Amazon for greenlighting the show.
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