Ash vs Evil Dead: Bound in Flesh
December 27, 2015 8:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Ash vs. Ash, hikers vs. Deadite, and Ruby's big reveal.

*Deadite Fisher puts on a corpse puppet show, leaving one hiker alive for the finale
*Ash dismembers his evil Deadite counterpart to the tune of "Just the Two of Us"
*Ruby reveals that she is the author of the Necronomicon
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Pablo goes full luchador with the mask. The finale is going to be awesome.
posted by Literaryhero at 10:29 PM on December 27, 2015

Once again, the gore and horror in this show are just gleefully silly. The "Just the Two of Us" scene and Fisher's puppet show were just beautiful. It does make me a little concerned, though, that I don't honestly have much interest in the actual story arc of the season, such as it is. It's a bit like my investment in pro wrestling right now, actually: I want to see the action, hear the one-liners, but I don't really care so much about the big-picture story.
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