You're the Worst: Season Two (all episodes)
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Two toxic, self-destructive people fall in love and attempt a relationship.
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This show started out looking like it might follow the terrible-people-doing-zany-stuff path laid out by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But it turns out that not only are the terrible people at its core sort of endearing and identifiable and complex in their way, but looking at relationship issues through this bent lens is, at turns, hilarious, revelatory, and searing.

The development of Gretchen's depression--and Jimmy's means-well-ruins-everything approach to dealing with it--is actually about as honest a depiction of depression and romance as I have ever seen on tv.

This show is an underappreciated gem.
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So it occurred to me during the discussion over on the Blue that they were laying the groundwork for this way early in the season, and lo and behold, I finally remembered what I was thinking of:
"Sleepy bitches lose their right to use normal people phones. Sleepy bitches only get to use phones made for hookers, and drug addicts, and irresponsible garbage people!"
Gretchen didn't oversleep because of the relentless we're-not-boring partying she and Jimmy were doing, she overslept because she was entering a depressive trough, and the partying was just an attempt to stave it off.
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I never caught season 1, but I've managed to see the first few season 2 episodes via On Demand. I was interested in how her depression is depicted because...reasons. After about five or so eps, I was a bit disappointed that it never seemed to come up, at least not overtly.

Then, episode six came and...well...nicely done. Very honest and real without being tv dramatic. I started reflecting on little details that I should have recognized.

The image of her sitting in her little dented car crying was pitch perfect.
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I have a theory that Gretchen might not be able to get kids, which is the root for her depression. In the "LCD Soundsystem" episode there was this one image where we see her after she had this situation with the baby and the mother. She stands there in the store, crying if I remember correctly, and we can clearly see a "Closed" sign right in front of her belly.

It's a very thin theory but this image had a strong impact on me like the rest of this fantasctic series.
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I have a theory that Gretchen might not be able to get kids, which is the root for her depression.

God, I hope that's not the root. That's such a tv-trope-ish thing. Sometimes, there isn't a clear-cut reason for depression, though, especially if it's a long-term depression. I'd prefer to see them take that approach.
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Sometimes, there isn't a clear-cut reason for depression, though, especially if it's a long-term depression. I'd prefer to see them take that approach.

Nth'ing this. The idea that depression must have a "cause" (and therefore, a relatively simple "cure" (e.g., "She can't have kids so she's depressed, and Lindsey gets pregnant but is a terrible mother, so Gretchen takes the kid and now everyone is happy!")) would be a horrible swerve for an excellent depiction.
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It is so painfully real that she fucking told him already what the deal was (”Be okay with how I am and the fact that you can’t fix me") and we then have to watch him try to get that through his thick head.
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Why is this not on Hulu yet? Why has God forsaken me?
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I've been rewatching season 1 so I can get my SO into the show, and there is a couple foreshadowing things in the first season as well. One particularly strong moment was when Gretchen was talking to her "work wife" about men and how they can't handle emotion and she was like "wouldn't it be great to not feel anything" and Gretchen clearly looks uncomfortable for a couple seconds.

The first season was funny and good, but this second season really catapulted the show into just being phenomenal. The "LCD Soundsystem" episode in particular was just an amazing 24 minutes that I really haven't seen on TV before.
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So, I just finished the last half of S2 and, wow. Shit got very real. There were a couple of moments that I'd love to have on-hand to show people when they say something really stupid about depression, especially the moment where Gretchen screams a very accurate and concise summation of clinical depression. At times, it seemed like Gretchen was channeling my own experiences and thoughts.

One thought...The rest of the show is so manic and kind of dumb (like a lot of alt comedies these days) that the contrast between that and Gretchen's story is really stark. My fear is that the depiction of her depression will simply be seen as part of the noise by people who have never had to deal with it. They won't understand how accurate it is.

On the other hand, one could see the show as being a metaphor for her depression...A whirlwind around her and Gretchen feeling numb to it all.

The show has been renewed for a third season.
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Does no one else think Desmin Borges looks like Lin Manuel Miranda?
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Seriously, this is the best show I have seen in YEARS. In fact -- true! -- we're rewatching episodes right now rather than watching horrible live New Year's Eve show stuff. It's the one show my husband and I can agree on 100%.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda x David Schwimmer.
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If you're not caught up on Orange Is the New Black, you may have questions about casting for the next season of this show...
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Yeah, I saw who Gretchen's therapist is in the preview. Great casting.
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I just binge-watched Season 2 online after Season 1 was shown in the UK recently. I love this show, the characters are complex, difficult and likeable/irritating in equal parts. The depiction of Gretchen's depression is the best I think I've seen on TV, with the recognition that it's an absence of feeling rather than the usual TV trope of depressed characters feeling "sad".

Great stuff.
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