MeFi Horror Club: Kiss of the Damned
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Next time on MeFi Horror Club, it's our first film for 2016: Xan Cassavettes's Kiss of the Damned (2013)! Discussion thread to go live on Friday, January 8.

This exciting foray into a world of sexy garbage is the beautifully-filmed, fantastically-soundtracked story of...oh, who really cares. Okay, fine: A handsome guy you may remember from NBC's Heroes meets a beautiful woman and she's obviously a vampire. Hot, gruesome things ensue! Do you like the band HTRK? You will! Do you like blood, but not real blood, but more like cinematic fake blood that looks good glistening on the naked bodies of impossibly attractive people? You bet you do! Do you like Stephenie Meyer? Good, because you won't find her here! This is Kiss of the Damned, and it's on Netflix and available for purchase on Amazon and, you know, it's out there....

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Sounds fun!
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