What Maisie Knew (2012)
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Based on the classic 1897 Henry James novel but set in contemporary New York City, six year-old Maisie observes the frantic comings and goings of her divorcing parents and their respective lovers.
posted by gemutlichkeit (2 comments total)
I loved this. The little girl really made it - her sitting alone at the bar was so hauntingly sad. And she was so happy playing house with Skaarsgard and the blond Scottish girl out East.

I never saw Julianne Moore so villainy but she was a shit mom and she knew it. Dad not a whit better.
posted by sweetkid at 8:14 PM on January 4, 2016

Mom seemed to at least care for her daughter, she just had higher priorities.

Dad seemed like he couldn't care less about his child.
posted by Monochrome at 2:31 PM on January 8, 2016

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